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The more I get familliar with this income opportunity the more I like it. Let me tell you why.
Its a simple binary matrix. That means everyone must get ONLY two people. They get 50% from their refferals so after you have two people your monthly investment is covered.
This also means that when any of my old advertising that's still hanging around works and you joined under me then the next people my advertising brings will go under you, because I can only have two and so does my powerful upline.
This brings me to advertising. You get about $1500.00 worth of good advertising on places like Yahoo and Google for joining. In fact they give you $20 advertising just for clicking that link below to see more. I have so much advertising that I use it for other income streams I have as well now.
So what do you do?
1.You join for the free trial and capitalize on the good quality advertising you get.
2. You use your free advertising to get your people. You have step by step text and videos in your office that teach you how to use every advertising opportunity.
3. Keep going untill you have two. There are tons of advertising you can use. Just keep going untill you have two people who joins. to ensure all your places are filled. Thats it. Let it grow.
4. Kick back and watch your income grow to a whopping $2,300.00 a month every month. (Join twice under yourself for 50% less and get $6,900.00 eventually)
If you're impatient like me you can go around advertising to fill your downline up faster.
It will happen. Why? Because everyone will want to have the opportunity for FREE by getting their two. Just like you.
Its that simple. Click here to check it out and get your free advertising.
Even if you drop out after your 14 day trial you still have the info and coupons for free advertising.
Warm regards

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