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Building Your List Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Building Your List Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Marcus Miller

    The owner and creator of Super Ape. Net

Met him a few months back and the reason I saw him was because his program sounded like a program I had already joined called Gorilla Marketing Pro. I really liked the GMP and so when I saw Marcus’ Super Ape site I immediately went to it to see if there was a connection or secondary program building from GMP.

To my delight and surprise Super Ape had nothing to do with GMP.I was happy to continue checking out Super Ape and I found my interest growing with every click inside the site.

The site is very well put together and I really like the color scheme because it’s orange and white doesn't stress my eyes and for me that is important because of this eye disease I have. Soft colors to my eyes are nice. Thanks Marcus.

I have been online now for over 9 years and I have blown a lot of money trying to make it, but I don't count that money as a l***, but a gain because I was learning from each failure. I am a member of Worldprofit which is a premium membership program and is considered to be one of the best training programs online. I never hesitated joining it because of the training they offered along with all the products needed to be successful online. They teach you so much.

Most consider the cost too high but when you are learning something so new, the money cannot be the hindrance. And I will say this, Worldprofit is paying all my bills online so money does not have to come out of pocket and I have been making money there since my 3rd month. I am talking about Super Ape and not Worldprofit at this time but I wanted to share just a bit of my history and how that history helped me see the quality and value of Super Ape.

After exploring the site I had no problem spending my money there. You see you get 4 other Lifetime Upgrades for the small cost you pay, only $7 and as an affiliate you get $5 per upgraded member. When I first joined as I shared the program I would tell my friends about what I called the 5-4-7. But then I had to add a simple math equation to that, 1=5-4-7. One program marketed but all 5 in combined for only $7. 

For me this is what I called a True No-Brainer.

I am always looking for great advertising that doesn't add to my work load and really doesn't stretch the pocketbook. And Super Ape is exactly what the doctor ordered, lol.

All the bonuses included in the program are great but they are not the main reason I joined. Marcus does an exceptional job explaining what Super Ape is and how to use it successfully. He explains every aspect of the website. He explains his reason for building the site. He helps you develop a plan of action if you follow his lead. He gives bonuses inside the site for things we really need,

Things that will help us build our businesses. Not just give something to be giving it, but a very well laid out plan of action where the bonuses operate in unity with the reason for creating the site anyway. 

Marcus constantly sends us emails to try to help us stay on track and understand his thinking about how Super Ape will help us. He shares personal experiences that motivate him and builds our relationship with him.

I really like the no HYPE, no Super Matrices to try to understand.  Not a million people needed under us to even make just a few bucks. Marcus shares with us a very simple, understandable, and powerful plan to succeed online.

I remember a few months back Marcus stated that he was in the process of building a program which was totally free and one that would help us. Marcus talked about how if we do our part, we will be successful through our joint efforts. And this new site was being created for one sole purpose. And that purpose was to generate our own list that belonged to us.

Then it happened.

Introducing Build A List4-Free and we have been rolling ever since. You see when you have just one goal in mind, just one purpose, if you work for that one purpose you cannot help but be successful. And as I read more and more of Marcus’ emails about the sight, I finally realized what he was trying to get us to see. So many of us run from program to program. We purchase PLR after PLR, and every shiny object we see. And in the end, all we have is stuff. I am as guilty as the next marketer and I believe all of us go through the stuff stage at one time or another. But when my mind really shifted to what Marcus was telling us I saw the truth. Now hear this! It’s ok to have a lot of stuff as long as you have something to do with it. George Kosch, Sandy Hunter, Dr. Lant and so many others had tried to tell me and it wasn’t like I didn’t get it. I just couldn’t see how to fix it. Then I read one of Marcus’ emails telling us what we will be able to do with Build A List 4-Free and it finally all came together.

Building a list is critical in our business. Without a list we will always be behind the 8 ball. We will always be broke and worst of all, without hope. In the past year I have purchased lead generating systems in access of 500 bucks and I work them and none have paid off. Why, it’s not my fault that the average person online looking to build their business doesn’t have that kind of money. And with no sales came no business. Build A List 4-Free creates the one thing we need so badly. A simple, free, and easy way to generate leads and grow our list. And that is exactly what it does. Now I know what to do with my stuff because I now have customers who are looking to purchase what I have. I now have a list to market to and most of them need the very same thing I did. A powerful list builder.

And that’s not the half of it. Inside the membership there are other programs that continue to help you build your list and begin making money daily.

It is so easy and duplicates overnight. Everyone can afford a free list generating machine. And Build A List 4Free is it.

Now I have people I market every day because of my ever growing list. Do you have what I have? If not you need to 

-->clickhere<-- immediately and get started building you list.

These last few words I want to share are this: If you are struggling to build your list, struggle no more.

Thanks Marcus for being a man of vision. But not only a man of vision. A man of vision who has a heart to see people like us succeed.

And succeed we shall.

Michael Harris

The Everyday Marketer

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