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I had always known that building an affiliate program was a great a way to increase my income online but it wasn’t until I came across the latest release from Aaron Danker at Build an Affiliate Army that I actually found someone who could lay out the process for me in an easy to follow step by step fashion.

In case you are in any doubt as to benefit of having an affiliate army at your disposal Aaron spells this out at the beginning of the process. When you have a successful affiliate program up and running you will be able to increase traffic to your website and increase your sales while taking advantage of this cost effective and time saving strategy for making money online. You can even be busy creating new products while you have an army of affiliates in the trenches busily referring people to your site. Aaron has been making a great living online using this method for a long time now so I knew that all I needed to do was to follow in his footsteps to get the same results as him.

After downloading the course I received a series of seven videos that walked me through the process step by step. The videos assume that you have a product to sell already and they cover everything from setting up your sales page, opt in form and thank you page to deciding which option is best for you between PayDotCom and Clickbank, and Aaron tells you how to set yourself up on these systems. You then move on to discovering how to find people who are really interested in promoting your product and you will learn how to approach them to get the best results.

After implementing the affiliate finding strategies with just one my Clickbank products I found that I was able to start building a list of affiliates in a matter of days and sales are already starting to come in from their efforts so I have to admit that I am pleased with the results so far.

If you have not discovered the power of building affiliate programs or if you simply want to know how to maximize your efforts in this area for more sales, you can really benefit from what Aaron has to offer.

Randy :)

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