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I really like making blog sites with Google Blogger, just a few minutes and you can have one up and running with all your creativity being put down for all to see and enjoy. The next thing is the hardest for me, and that's the content. I can never think of what I want to blog about. I think that is called writers block, and from what I have read it happens to all those who like to write.

You really want to write about something that is useful and informative for the reader. Not just try to push your affiliate programs and talk about how to make money online. This gets old quick to all readers that like to read blogs or articles that interest them.

It seems to me that many today are writing about SEO, and Back links the two subjects have a wide range of writers who know and don't know about the subjects but want to usually help with what they have learned for no cost Not having to pay for good information about these subjects is easy to come by once you start looking for it.

One of the ways I  get information about more any subject is to make a Google Alert. Many don't know about this No Cost tool supplied by Google. It's very simple to use and can be very effective in accumulating information that you want to find.

For an example I use it to fined Free ad Sites, and let me tell you the e-mail notice just flow in like water. Everyday I have 5 or 6 new place I can do my No Cost advertising.

I hope this has been some help and if you like it please let me know.



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