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Do you remember how amazing it was and how you felt the first time
you watched something on the Big Screen? Wow, it was like I was in
a whole new world. The images were crystal clear, the sound was
sharp and clearer that ever before. And to this day I have never
forgotten the experience. And from that point on, everything I watched
had to be on a big screen. I can even remmeber that I could take my
glasses off and watch to. Ain't that a hoot!

So I was very intrigued when I received this email called BigScreenAdz.
I viewd the site and really thought I had been re-directed to the wrong
place because all I saw was the man laid back watching a big screen TV.
The view was from his rear so I could see what he was watching.
There was a movie playing so I decided I would stay just long enough
to find out what he was watching because I thought that was the purpose
that the link brought me here for.

After around 15 seconds I saw another movie begin to play until I
realized that these were not movie trailers but people's ads that were
being rotated on the Big Screen. And they really looked great.
After I looked futher on the site I saw a row of buttons at the bottom and
the first button said start here. And the last button said your ad.
I immediately went to the your ad button and a pop-up appeared saying,
"hold on, you are viewing too fast. Go back to the first button and watch
till the bar dissappears and move to the next ad. View all six ads and then
you can ad yours".

Then I remembered this was an old school method of list building with
banners and it worked back then and it should work now.
But the only real difference is that the banners are showing the sites
on the Big Screen and they look Great!

Anyone can join Free, view the ads and sign up.
There is a one-time, lifetime upgrade, if wanted for only $20.00.
And you can send out an email blast every 4 days for Pro members
and every 7 days for free members. And the referral programs builds
your views virally. Your ad will be in position one of every
referral you bring in. And it builds from there.

But everyone gets their ads shown.
I have looked at a lot of ads while online, but they have never
looked so gooooooooooood.
Go take a look and see for yourself.


You may be like me and want to see your ads on the Big Screen to.

Michael Harris
The Everyday Marketer

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