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Be Ready fo Christmas with Your Own Online Shopping Site (Site FREE! Less than $10 to Set Up Your Back Office)

I would like to offer you the opportunity to have your own online shopping site. Now is the time to get your own store before the Christmas Online Shopping rush starts. Get your shopping site now and have time to promote and get it presents known on the Internet before the Christmas shopping rush starts.

I am offering this opportunity to anyone that would like to make extra money during these economic crises. I know most of your are probably in the same situation that I am. Maybe you need extra to build your business. Extra income may make the difference whether your business survives or not.

To Join Go To:

The core of i-SUPPLY is our proprietary Widget store technology. This technology simply allows users to copy and paste a few lines of code into a blank page on their site, instantly creating a store that is entirely hosted on their platform. This means that partners can retain traffic while still being able to record statistics through our innovative live reporting and sales tools. I-Supply's unique offering allows any website to fully integrate customizable web stores with tailored product mixes from over 2 million brand name products. The i-SUPPLY team manages all backend fulfillment including shipping, returns, refunds and customer service. The unique combination of complete backend support with i-Supply's instant access to sell millions of products in a matter of minutes is revolutionizing the way website owners will think about gaining market share and earning revenues in today's economy. i-SUPPLY is an e-Commerce solution for web properties who wish to keep their profits without the day-to-day management of an online store.

I-Supply has put together some marketing tools to help promote this online shopping site. I also have been taking some online coaching classes and can give you tips on marketing techniques to help you promote your shopping site. Some I have tried and some I haven't incorporated into my business yet. Maybe we can try some of them together.

So join and lets get your online shopping site rolling before the Christmas shopping rush starts.

To Join Go To:

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