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If you do retargeting the old way, you retarget a websites that you own and place your pixel code on it. Utilizing Audience Social, you retarget anyone who goes to a page that you do not own.

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Now, if you're an affiliate marketer, and you sent out if you send out 2,000 clicks on an offer and get 300 sales, then 1700 people still have not bought the offer.
Using Audience Social, you can retarget them on any website or bridge page, even if you don't have the access to the source code due to the fact that AudienceSocial does not need an iframe and hence the retargeting can be made on any site, consisting of Twitter.
Audience Social will only target the most appropriate and interested individuals from all the people and if FB is the traffic source, then individuals who just click your advertisement, will be contributed to the retargeted list.

You're not targeting 2,000 individuals who saw your ad however only 200 individuals who clicked on it meaning, lower ad invest and more cash.
AudienceSocial has the function to produce bridge pages along with link rotation, link cloaking, geo tracking and other advanced metrics for analysis of data.
You might be thinking, so," the software application produces a bridge with retargeting code. .
" That bridge, does it pack? Or is it a redirect page to cookie the person as they go through?".
The software does create a bridge page with the retargeting code. If it wouldn't pack for 2-3 seconds, then it will be once again a case where iframe is involved and then we would not be able to do innovative retargeting.
Also, your customers can include a customized HTML code to the bridge page suggesting they can set up a banner or something of our choice there.
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