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Are You Suffering from a Law of Attraction Block Party?

I like feeding stray dogs here in Phuket.

The soi dogs run the streets. Everywhere you turn a pooch or a pack is lazing at the beach, or in front of a 7-11...if you've been here you know what I mean.

Kelli and I just fed a sweet little dog a few minutes from our place. Adorable gal. Reminds me of how I continue to attract good things into my life, using the law of attraction.

I remember when I used to use the LOA the wrong way. This is a common error newbies make using the law.

My mistake? Focusing on my blocks. Focusing on resistance. Focusing on what I needed to release to manifest.

I mean, I spent *TOO MUCH* of my time focusing on my blocks. On, "what was wrong."

So what did I receive? More blocks. More things I felt were wrong with my life.

Law of Attraction Block Party

I created my own little block party. Resistance grew. Blocks grew. Because with the law of attraction, where you focus your attention and energy, grows.

I spent much of my time trying to find my blocks to money, to other forms of abundance, so I created more blocks. 

The Solution

Focus on what's right. Move your energy and attention to all good things in your life.

Build a gratitude list. Add items. Hundreds. Thousands.

Feel free now. You are free. You are the embodiment of freedom. Feel free, attract vehicles for freedom: money, and a billion other things which help you feel more free.

Your Turn

Have you made this law of attraction mistake? How did you correct the error?

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