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Are You Serious About A Home Business?

It's a question every internet marketer should ask themselves;a sort of self-assessment quiz.

Firstly,you should be branding yourself,NOT your business.

"People join you ,not your business."

"People join you for the value they think you can give them"

That said,if you are doing any of the following,you are not serious about a home business,or being an internet marketer:

  • When you post to safelists,you use a handle,or just your first name,or even initials!
  • You put a photo of your dog,cat,or(in one case I saw)a pair of teeth!
  • You don't sign any name at all.

Internet marketing is not a hiding game.If you are afraid of discovery,get out of internet marketing.

As I said,you must brand yourself,meaning:

  • Domain name
  • Professionally designed website
  • Product(s)
  • Lead Capture Page(s)
  • Autoresponder
  • Newsletter,or Ezine,aka Email Series
  • more

Someone recently said "People still buy from those they know,like and trust."

Put your photo on your website,along with audio and/or video.

Take a look at all Jane Mark's websites.Her photo and audio is on all of them.Its purpose is to help one's visitors connect with the website owner.

In Safelists,Mailers,etc,make sure,if you can include your photo,do so,and be sure to use your whole name.It shows confidence.

There are many people getting into internet marketing daily and they need help and solutions,meaning traffic,leads and sales and you can provide it!

Go for it!

Richard Bligdon


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