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Another story that tells a story (5 the diamond)

Once upon a time.... There was a very prosperous farmer. He was satisfied, well fed and respected.
One fine day, while he was sitting on his porch, gently rocking in his chair a visitor arrived.... A priest of some sort, traveling around, preaching and telling stories for a chance of getting a square meal...
Well, the farmer was very hospitable and fed him well. During the meal, they conversed about anything and what is good and new etc... The priest mentioned something about a diamond and it caught farmers attention... He asked the Priest: "what is it, this diamond. I have never heard of it before..." Then the priest went on describing the sparkle, the colors, the cold beauty the... the.. well everything about the diamond... The next morning, the priest is gone and the farmer could not sleep all night, thinking about what he learned about the diamond...
He could not eat all day nor could he go to sleep the night... constantly thinking about the diamond that he has never seen.. Until finally, he decides to sell the farm and all his belongings and go in the world to find that diamond.
Many years have gone by, he has traveled many lands far and near, his money run out, his clothes become ropes, he did not have where to put his head on during the cold nights... and soon died in absolute poverty, never finding the Diamond...

The new owner of the farm decides one fine day to go wonder trough the field, lay down on the grass and listen to the chirp of birds and the gentle sound of the creek running through the farm. He was Very happy that he could obtain such a priceless property for so little... As he was sitting next to the creek, he suddenly sees a gentle spark from the creek.. reflecting the last rays of the setting sun... He puts his hand in the water and pulls out something that looked like a round piece of glass... It was very beautiful, reflecting the last light of the day so he decided to take it home...

The next day one of his friend from the city nearby came for a visit and the farmer, the new owner, proudly shows his find, a beautiful round piece of glass. He was amazed to head that it was not a glass but a diamond and the visitor wanted to know where did the farmer find it..
The rest of it is history now.... That farm, is today one of the largest diamond mines in the world...

So, why did I tell you this true story today instead of my usual fairytales?
Well the thing is, 90% of the advertisers are not Communicators... They are happy doing the same thing over and over again and expect to have different result this time... (It can't be done).
More importantly they keep on changing, from hither and thidder, like a ship without a rudder, going with every wind in every direction and never arriving at a port of destination... To them, being an advertising tool and the most powerful MLM system today, is just like that farm, to be admired from the back of the porch, gently rocking in the chair... never wondering in the depth of it and discover the riches of the back yard... The DIAMOND, that's what we have and yet many of you are still searching for "the diamond'.
Notice, I said MANY, not everyone... as we do have some Communicators who are like a NEW farm owner, exploit the farm he obtained cheap, find out what beauty lies further in the field, can it be used and how...
Oh, By the way, I did not mention that a new farmer has NEVER BEEN ON A FARM BEFORE HE OBTAINED THIS ONE...

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