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A story that tells a story.. ( 2 ) Old lady and the rock)

Once upon a time....
There was a poor old widow, living by herself on top of the hill near a small village. She grew a little garden and ate it'sproduces but never had any money to buy anything else.... One day as she was digging in the little garden, she uncovered a nice almost round rock, had a look at it and decided to keep it and use it as a door stopper.
That year was not a very productive year so the old widow did not have much to eat and very soon died from hunger.... Some villagers that knew of her decided that "she was a good woman" and they offered to pay for her funeral. As the arrangement was made, the casket was brought up the house and she was placed in it and prepared for the final rest.. The floor of the little house she used to live in was very uneven and the casket was somehow not sitting right so the villagers started looking for something to support one side of it and level it up. There was nothing else but the door stop rock. They took an axe and broke the rock open and, WOW... there was a big Opal in it, big enough to feed the rest of the village for many years...
And the poor old widow died from hunger.....
So, why did I tell you this true story today instead of my usual fairy tales?
Well the thing is, 90% of the advertisers are still surviving on whatever they can gleen from some companies that promise golden hills. Sometimes they "die" from hunger...
When they got to, they treated it as nothing more than a "doorstop".
There is that magic button in there Y'know :-)

Tomorrow I will tell you another true storry.... See you there...

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