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As a diabetic I am always looking for alternative ways to control my diabetes and keep my body healthy. I recently learned about Mitogenx and their products.

My experience already has me very excited!

I immediately found out all I could and of course became a customer and distributor.

Mitogenx's products help remove toxins from your body!

My favorite product is Liquid4LIfe. LIQUID4LIFE is formulated to nourish Mitochondria, the tiny part of each cell that generate energy. The combination of nutrients and antioxidants in Liquid4Life protects your body against damaging toxins. Too many toxins reduce the function in your cells. This causes low energy and often occurs when the cell's Mitochondria is damaged. In fact, Mitochondria damage has been identified as a contributing factor in diseases, such as, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Earlier this week I received my Liquid Life and I feel great already from taking it!

My husband works 3rd shift and I stay up half the night working on my business. I have more energy in those late-late hours and am not so likely to fall asleep on my keyboard.

I want to invite you to learn more about mitogenx. Join us on our calls. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9PM Eastern / 8PM Central / 6PM Pacific Time.

Dial: 1-218-486-7200, Access #: 83348!

To register for the call please email me at or skype me at tinabrandenburg. After verifying that you were on the call I have $7k in gifts for you!

Here's To Our Good Health!
Tina Brandenburg
Skype: tinabrandenburg

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Comment by Robert Blakely on January 31, 2009 at 11:23pm
Love the blog post. Great information. Yes Mitogenx is a great product. I love the liquid life myself.. In fact I need to order more..LOL

The Blakester
Robert Blakely
Skype: The-Blakester

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