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5 Minute Read To Marketing Success

Ok this is my first attempt at this so pray for me and you. That I can keep this under 5 minutes reading and that you will get value out of the 5 minutes. If this is not accomplished neither of us win.
Alright let's go.
My 3 C's To Marketing Success

1. Committed

If you are not committed saty on your day job.
This is the killer of most online businesses. Just because they didn''t even look at your ads doesn't mean you get mad and quit.
It means you repost everyday until they do. If this doesn't work do that. If that doesn't work you do this.
No matter what, no matter what, you do what is neccessary until something happens.

2. Consistant

Consistant walks hand in hand with committied.
Because if you are committed you will already be consistant. You know what you have to do. I use to get made when the same marketer sent me emails everyday until one of his emails triggered a buyer response from me. My AH-HA moment. Then I realized that is exactly what I HAD to do as well.

3. Confident

What most marketers don't realize is that people will buy you when they aren't really interested in your product. That is as long as you know what you are selling.
This is a fact that has hurt the internet online business world because con men know how to sell themselves and don't even know what the product is. They know what it says but most have never used it or care to use it.
SO how do we combat the con men?
a. Know your product
b. Use the product YOURSELF
c. Tell the truth about the product. Why?
In my answer to the above question I leave you with this: The most important sell you will ever make will be the 2nd sale to the same customer.

Yes!!!! I did it, 3minutes and 50 seconds even reading s....l....o....w. Hope you enjoyed.

Michael Harris
The Everyday Marketer

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