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3 Simple Steps to Get Up To $500K in 0% Business Funding!!

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to get up to $500K in 0% Business Lines of Credit. No Easier Way to get up to $500K in 0% Business Funding.


Doesn’t matter how long you been in business, Doesnt matter if you a Start-up, Doesn’t matter if you even have a LLC or Business right now, Doesn’t matter if you have tax returns or not, Doesn’t matter what your business income is. Doesn’t matter what your personal income is. All you need is a 680 score which could be you or a credit partner. 

1) If your score is below 680, Join Rapid Credit Repair for $695 (takes about 45 days for most files). If you dont have a 680 score you can always use a credit partner with 680 score and overall good profile to get the 0% Business Line of Credit up to $250K.


2) Once your score is above 680 or you have a credit partner with 680 score and overall good profile you have 2 options for 0% Business Line of Credit. I personally think Option#2 has more value cause it covers 2 people to get up to $250K each (up to $500K in 0% Business Funding). 

2 options –


3) For Option#2 it requires upfront cost $3997 (60 Day Money Back Policy). What we are doing with 100’s of our clients is getting them a personal loan which we can help with to get the $4000 needed for Option#2 . Once you get your first round of funding from Option#2 pay off the personal loan and you have 0% Business Funding up to $500K.


There is no easier way to get up to $500K in Business Funding. If your score is low a investment of $695 for Rapid Credit Repair is all you need to start with to improve your score to put yourself in position to get up to $500k in 0% Business Funding. To move forward I need a copy of your credit report for review.


We will do a Free Credit Report Review to see where you are and what you need to do to qualify. You can get a copy of your report here –



Anthony Morgan

“Get 0% Business Lines of Credit up to $250K; We have over 30 Funding Option”

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