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3 Easy Steps To Grow An MLM Business

If you are new to network marketing or MLM you may be feeling a bit frustrated in your attempts at building your network marketing business. If you are a new entrepreneur or business owner it is highly likely you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information to learn. Now more than ever it is important to stay focused on and work toward your goal: finding your fastest path to cash.

You have come to the right place. Once you master the basics I share with you here you will be able to more effectively expand your marketing plan and activities. Let's get started!

Step 1: Learn about your MLM business

Correct. This is a business. While it's not necessary to attend business school or get an MBA, you do need some business skill. Schedule time to build your foundation.

What is your foundation?

My recommendation is to not use traditional recruiting methods (i.e. friends and family lists, weekly hotel meetings, or the three-foot rule). I have something far more modern and exciting in mind.

Let me introduce you to modern prospecting concepts.... attraction marketing. You may be familiar with reverse marketing, information marketing, and relationship marketing. Wonderful if you are because they are all attraction marketing.

What is attraction marketing?

You will love this - no chasing involved. You attract pre-qualified prospects. This is done by providing something of value for free. It is essential to establish a relationship of trust before asking for a sale and we do this by providing value.

Frequently what is given away is an article, a website, or even an ebook. Key here is that the information is educational and of value.

If your pre-qualified prospect sees value in the information, they will be attracted to you. This attraction, based on trust, will cause them to take an action. They will sign up for your newsletter and possibly contact you for a complimentary consultation. You are available to consult because you are a solutions provider and someone who wishes to educate prospects.

Step 2: Marketing online

We stand ready on our attraction marketing foundation and are poised to act. Now is the time to start attracting; and it's a snap. We just establish ourselves online. That's it. Online marketing is positioning our service or product on the internet.

One of the easiest and most popular ways to begin is with an online journal, a "web log" known as a blog. Initially blogs were used for travel diaries; reviews of film, books, and music; and commentaries of every sort. A multitude of blogs are still used in this way but many are now being used as traditional websites as well.

Branding yourself as a solutions provider is part of the attraction marketing strategy. It is not your product or service that you are selling; it is you. Also important is that the url reflect your brand. This may be accomplished with your name: Be sure of your url before clicking the "submit" button.

There you have it, a clean slate with your name on it. Then pops the universal question: now what? My recommendation is to write... I mean blog about your business and process, a diary of sorts. Write about what you know and what you are learning about your particular business, attraction marketing, and blogging itself. The "aha!" moment you describe might be of value to someone visiting your blog, one of your prospects.

Does a blog attract leads? Yes. Search engines (Google, Yahoo!, etc.) Like blogs for at least a couple of reasons. The information is updated frequently and there is often an exchange between the blogger and readers via comments.

As blogging becomes second nature, you will grow into using keywords. Search engines will look for these keywords and drive traffic to your blog aligning you with more leads.

Because your goal is to get people (i.e. prospects) to know you, be genuine when you write and post to your blog. We all want to conduct business with people we know, trust, and have a relationship with. You have the opportunity to develop that presence through your blog.

Provide posts to your blog of valuable information that educates your readers. They will come back for more and recommend you to their colleagues.

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