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Randy Ottmann's Blog – December 2012 Archive (8)

Internet Marketing Solution, When Starting Your Business

When starting up and running an online marketing company there are a lot of things you have to take into consideration. It is not some simple thing that you can just plug in and call it a day, it requires a lot of time and effort on your part to manage and grow, like any other business. Finding the best possible internet marketing solution to help you do this is also important.



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Local Internet Marketing-Owning A Business Is Tough

Owning a business can be tough. Getting it set up, hiring employees, buying the building. There is just a lot involved in getting your business up and running. But what can kill this more than anything else is the shift in society. In the past you could rely on standard marketing, you could put ads on TV, radio, or in newspapers and that was enough. But now days those just do not cut it, and often can actually be a waste of…


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Methods of Marketing an Online Business

Having an online business, or a presence online at all, requires you to market. Whether your business is based online or is simply utilizing the internet to get more customers, the fact remains that you need to get yourself out there and known. Marketing on the internet is not the same as more conventional forms of marketing such as TV ads or newspaper ads, it is a lot more involved.

There are several key…


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Christmas from another point of view. The Grinch has his day... astonishing revelations from his first-ever interview exclusive to me exclusively here.

by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Author's program note. You just never know what impact the printed word is going to have, and this tale of The Grinch proves the point. Thanksgiving Day, The Grinch (he insists upon the use of the capital "T" ) was sitting at home having polished off last year's holiday left-overs as his wont, when his eye happened to see a corner of an article used to wrap the garbage. It was my report on "Squawk", the valiant leader of the "Young Turks"…


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Small Business Internet Marketing Techniques

Small business internet marketing isn’t just advertising anymore.  It used to consist of purchasing ads in various places, and then purchasing specific types of ads, when the internet exploded.  Now the difference between advertising and marketing has become very clear.  Advertising is something you do that’s very passive. Yes, you’ll use specific language in any advertising space you…


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Income Hybrid Review

You are about to discover a brand new and revolutionary traffic and profit generating platform that is 10 times bigger than blogging, article marketing, video marketing or any other traffic platform you have seen before.

The traffic giant I am about to reveal generates stable instant traffic that will replace Google completely!

It is much bigger, less competitive and holds more…


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Attracting Traffic With Banner Ads

Advertising on the internet is constantly evolving. There seems to be so many methods to gain the website traffic that is becomes a challenge or confusing to know exactly how to advertise your website.

One of highest forms of advertising is the banner ads. You see them everywhere. They are on the search engines. They are on personal websites. They are on blogsites. You cannot go to any site without seeing a banner ad. For this reason they have become one of the widest methods to…


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Six Facts On Driving and Pedestrian Safety

The facts here are based on physics depute them if you like.

1: Pedestrians should yield cyclists they have momentum.

2: Cyclists should yield to cars as cars w***** at least 10 times more and have more density. (metal harder than flesh).

3: Cars should yield to trucks, trucks are heavier and can't stop on a dime just because they have more wheels.

4: Trucks should yield to trains, again this is because the train has a massive w***** advantage.

5: Trains…


Added by Randy Ottmann on December 4, 2012 at 4:00pm — No Comments

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