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Tell us about your business or interests.
Not much to say about me.
Founder of the FUTURO-Plan & UBIEE

UBIEE SEO PRO for 4 USD a month!

Hello UBIEEaners, Just a quick message to you

Today I will start a series of updates to show you just a little bit more in detail, where, what and how we can together do a much better job in understanding how to operate your UBIEE RotatorPRO Platform and how you can learn to become a future Publishing House with this service.

My intention is to create a more constant update via email, Blog etc, to show you better what we are working on and what we are putting together here at the UBIEE HQ. Our UBIEE RotatorPRO Platform is growing with well over 1000 members now. Pretty impressive so to say.

Many of you have never been in a UBIEE RotatorPRO Platform webinar conference, neither have you ever had the chance to truly learn more about the great venture you have embarked on with us when you joined the UBIEE RotatorPRO Platform.

So first things first:
To participate in our Weekly Webinar Conference you have several options. For better understanding look at the following URL:

To learn more about the UBIEE RotatorPRO Platform, I would highly recommend that you download our UBIEE ToolBar from the Following URL: Check for the URP Icon.

To participate and leave your own professional Profile as a UBIEE Green NATION Citizen, please use the following URL:

All the indicated URL's above, will allow you to learn quite a bit more about our UBIEE Organisation and its future potential for you as you get further involved with it.

As you may be aware, but many for sure are not, we are still preparing for our New and Old UBIEE Members a much clearer overview of the current stage of Development for the UBIEE RotatorPRO and its Potential Release by the 1st of March 2009. We have discovered that with the UBIEE RotatorPRO Platform many of our Members are already very satisfied as it is, but we want you to understand that there is more to come to make it even more interesting for you if you decide to build your future with it.

Let's Point out some of the Highlights that will make you feel confident that this program is worth while for you to participate and to promote.
- 100% Free to Join
- Professional up-front Payment Service (PuPS)
- High Quality Professional SEO Alternative Simple Online interface in Multilingual Format.
- Very Low Entrance fee for Marketers and Promoters alike to publish in your own Platform their Business.
- 100% of added URL's to the network is paid to the Member/Customer alike.
- Services rendered to the Final Customer are always paid upfront. No waiting time to earn money with the UBIEE RotatorPRO Platform.

I could add some more to this, but I think it is enough for the moment to help you understand that this UBIEE RotatorPRO Platform will make you re-think how you would like to operate any form of business Online.
Let me ask you a question!

"If you were paid up-front, for a technology that is so innovative, and you had nothing else to do other than confirm that your paying customer was willing to honor your professionalism and service!

Would you ignore such a customer?"

If your answer was NO, then this is all you need to learn in the UBIEE RotatorPRO Platform. The people that join you, and who are willing to pay you up-front, want your kind attention.

Let me ask you another question!

"If you were presented with an Online program, that does allow you, to get yourself visible and seen on the Internet, for only a small fee of 2+1 EUR or less than 4 USD a month! Would you rather confirm that you will become a paying customer who is willing to honor this professional service that UBIEE and your Sponsor/Verifier is offering you? Or would you ignore such an opportunity? "

Let me know what is your response. Let me know if you are happy with the quality of support that your sponsor is providing to you. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let me know what your current feelings and understandings are.

This is a people program, and if you would like to be taken care of by a different Sponsor/verifier, as a valued UBIEE RotatorPRO member, we do allow you to change and swap to a different Sponsor/Verifier, than the one you have currently assigned to your account. All you need to do is to please get in touch with us, or go to your Data Center and fill out the Customer Satisfaction Survey.

We want to make sure that you feel confident that this is a different kind of program, and that you can start thinking about of building your own future surrounding the UBIEE RotatorPRO and the UBIEE SUPERsplash Page (USsP) Services in your plans for financial growth. Bring a bright future to your own customers. And by the way, there will soon be more details about the USsP.

For today I will not take more of your time and wish you a great Sunday from here in the UBIEE HQ, One more thing before I let you go.

Have you seen this already?
In UBIEE we went from 45.000 Results to over 13 Mio in WOW Amazing!!!
UBIEE in Google Germany with 13 Mio Results
UBIEE in GOOGLE GermanyWOW 13 Mio Resultats

Surprise Surprise, Our advanced technology is firing up Googles search algorithms! When we started this project, we had 45,000 UBIEE Results, but now many members have reported and confirmed an ASTOUNDING 13 Million results for UBIEE.
There is only one UBIEE and you are here! Click above and see the results.
Note: Results may vary on some browsers, or change if you are logged in to your Google account.

best regards

Dr. Michael
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At 1:05pm on February 19, 2014, sukanta paul said…
At 12:00pm on September 10, 2012, Coby Hunt said…

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Now if you are serious about being in a real home business that has a real product I suggest you take the free tour at:

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At 7:54am on January 11, 2012, mike ledesma said…

At 9:17am on March 8, 2009, UBIEE SEO PRO HQ said…
I know at least a dozen people that have had their Engines faluty after using the MPG-CAP.
Most testimonies are false and not true.
FFI is under Florida Law investigation.

All not very positive. Soon FFI will run out of new Countries to launch.
Com'on get real, this is a MLM bases and driven very unstable product that not does exactly as falsely presented.

I first thought I delete your introduction, but than I thought I better let people know a bit more about FFI.
Go to mich more about FFI on that Website.


Dr. Michael
At 9:26pm on February 19, 2009, Aaron said…
Welcome to World Profit ,

Please accept my invitation to join our group ~Internet Marketing~ We discuss Paid and FREE Marketing choices and building multiple Residual Income Streams. Consider the advantages of all the free advice given from internet marketing veterans.

It would be an honor to have you on our team.

To your success,
Aaron Eubanks
At 8:40pm on February 19, 2009, catwoman1459 said…
It's great to be here, I look forward to networking with you.I am promoting a new site called CosmoPal.This is the best and most revolutionary system ever.Please visit my page and read my blog for more info.

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