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James Holmes
  • Male
  • Denver, CO
  • United States

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James Holmes - The Cubicle Escape Artist!

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Who is James Holmes

My Mission is: To sow increase into the lives of others by co-creating wealth and abundance. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and was blessed to have two dedicated parents who worked hard to provide for my siblings and me. I grew up well cared for but I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth as the son of a mechanic who is an awesome father and a stay at home mom. You see I wasn’t given any money, so I had to learn how to create my own money because I have BIG DREAMS. I grew up believing in the power of creative thought and self determination and I use these attributes to live an extraordinary life. I gained an understanding of how to translate this knowledge and way of living to other people.I am here to help you.

So how am I creating my success? I studied mindset, I sought out programs that had exceptional value and came from credible sources and I sought the guidance of mentors. I ask a lot of questions and once I made a decision to participate in a program or training I remained committed to provide myself with the greatest chance to succeed. In the beginning I measured correct activities, not results. I knew that if I consistently completed the correct activities my results would be exceptional and they have been. I knew that I would have to pay my dues and develop a track record of success and also prove to myself that I could teach another person how to do what I did to become successful. The success of this business does after all depend on duplication. You may have heard it said that it doesn't matter if it works, it matters if it duplicates and that is true.

Perhaps like you, I had no idea how confusing this “simple” business of online marketing, network marketing and affiliate marketing could be. So many offers, promises, systems and gurus all promising to provide the “perfect program” guaranteed to make you millions by just signing up or buying their system. I was not easily seduced and can say that I have gotten value from 99% of the information products and training that I have acquired. I just as easily could have spent thousands of dollars by buying into the hype and I am not judgmental of those who have. I fortunately decided to take a business approach and made very good choices.

I am not saying that I haven't taken a few dead-end turns and fall into empty rabbit holes because I have, it is almost unavoidable. There is a formula to success on the internet and I assure you that it is more science than art. The internet is the great equalizer because it matters far more where you are going not where you have been and people care a lot more about whether or not you deliver value for them and conduct yourself with integrity. I love that!

I AM A NEW MEDIA GURU, a social meda mentor, a true coach and teacher. Duplication is the key. I remember the first time that I enrolled someone into my primary network marketing company and they turned to me and asked “what do I do now?” At that moment I made the decision to become a coach and trainer; I knew that my success was dependent on the success of those who enrolled with me and in order for me to achieve my goals; they would also need to achieve their goals.

I made a decision that I would not just seek to enroll other people into my primary or affiliates businesses; I would also create a system that duplicates and teach those who chose to engage everything I have learned and continue to learn about creating a “real” business and “meaningful” income in this industry. Those who join me and are willing to learn and work do make money. I only require that people be coach-able, persistent and patient; I work best with those who are goal oriented and have a major purpose a “why” for being in this industry. I coach on creating attraction and how to use the law of attraction to market your business. Once you understand how powerful attraction is and how to create it; you will be on your way to building a big business and a large residual income working with people that are like minded and action oriented. You will no longer need to chase prospects; they will find you, just like you found me.

I woke up one morning and asked of myself a simple question

After a year in the network marketing industry I had personally enrolled nearly forty people into my team which had grown to more than two hundred; far better than average in fact I had rank advanced to the position of Director with my company and had the privilege of presenting at many events including a couple of times at our large corporate conventions. The problem was that there were too many people being left behind because they couldn't make the warm market prospecting model and the three foot rule work for them. This is a common problem.

So one morning I woke up and of ask myself a simple question. Why aren't you using the power of the internet to build a global business and help others succeed? I wasn't taught that way, but I knew that I had to marry my desire to coach and train my team members with my knowledge and passion for marketing online.

I decided to look outside the box and to seek ways to leverage the internet to build a modern network marketing and affiliate business. I did my homework, invested thousands of dollars in my online education, I drew upon more than twelve years of experience of online marketing everything from auto-racing sponsorships to home mortgages online, I completed a very extensive "101 Day Business Growth Challenge" facilitated by the world renown professional coaching company "One Coach" and I was personally mentored by their CEO Mr. John Assaraf.

I now earn money every day online and I get paid whenever I recruit for my businesses regardless if my prospect joins my business or not; by the way I teach this system to everyone on my team that has the desire to succeed online. My system is built upon the simple idea of earning on every aspect of the momentum developed within my businesses.

People who work with me can expect to create between three to ten specific streams of income all tied to one or two non-competing primary businesses. That is how people become wealthy online, you build a marketing funnel that allows you to create maximum leverage and earn income nearly every day.

I am prepared to help you succeed

I am accessible to everyone on my team and everyone that I coach. I make my personal email and cell phone available so that I remain an email or telephone call away. If you are serious about building a successful online or home based business you MUST gather the tools and identify credible mentors that can help you achieve your goals and BUILD a LASTING BUSINESS.

Thank you for visiting my page!

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Now if you are serious about being in a real home business that has a real product I suggest you take the free tour at

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At 8:21am on November 5, 2011, mike ledesma said…

World Profit Dominates!

Thanks for Sharing...

At 11:36am on September 1, 2011, sukanta paul said…


At 3:06pm on November 20, 2010, Michel Muhlhauser said…
Hello James. It is a great p******* to read your blogs. You are always very motivating and sure a wonderful coach. On top, I must express my gratitude to have you as a extraordinary monitor at WorldProfit. Keep up the excellent work. Have a great time. Michel

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