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Abiodun Awojobi
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..........1 LOVE TO ALL MY GREAT FRIENDS IN LIFE............... I give

praise and glory to almaithy "Alliah" my GOD for is lovly mercy over my life. My name are Abey A.Awojobi. And i'm from Lagos,Nigeria. I'm a good citizien of my great cuntry,NIGERIA,AFRICA,mother land. I'm a easy going penson,relible,friendly,careing,romantic,smart,intelligent. I like makeing friends online or ofline,i like shareing good idears and infommation with my friends. A friend that will be dear for one another. Show me your friend and i will tell you who you are A true friend. .....................1 LOVE

.................... One of my greatest concern abuot my great cuntry,NIGERIA
Is that what can i do to make my great cuntry,NIGERIA,to be a better place for all.How i'm i going to contribute to the development of my great cuntry,NIERIA. !!!!!!!!!! So help me "GOD"amin !!!!!!!!!!!!!.
I always think abuot my past,my present and my future. And my greatest dream's in life is that,I want to become a successful busness entrepreneur in life. I'm a self employee. I'm in to interior and exterior decoration,civil construction works,business,internetinfopreneur and entrepreneur. There are great people that inspard me in life, Some philanthropic and great mentor's. Great people like,
Late Chief Pa Dr Tai Sholarin,Chief Bashorun M.K.O Abiola, Chief Gani Faweimi SAN R.I.P.
Chief Wole Shoyika noble price winner,Pasto Dr Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase publishers of Success Digest Extra and complete football,Cris Gardner,Bill Gate founder of microsoft,Napoleon Hill author of Think And Grow Rich and Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. My advices to all my great friend's, and to anybody who want to succesed in life. As a human being. If you set a target or goals for your self or you close to it,make sure you achive it,don't give up,don't just dream it live it becouse life is all about up and down. It offen take guts to sack one's boss, and for this to happen,it takes a discovrey, what is simply being sied is this, i have what it's takes to pay my self. According to the teachings of a great man like Myles Munroe. Success is unattainable until you discover the laws of purpose and prayer. But when an individual come to this realization and decides to ignite these two laws, Success is sure.

This are mobile phone contacts.

phone number +2348099311766
............Thanks and Love you All............

Abiodun Awojobi's Blog


Posted on November 18, 2010 at 6:12am 0 Comments

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At 6:37pm on September 24, 2012, cara said…

Love,whether by giving or receiving,is the greatest gift of all,my name is miss Cara,
Its my p******* to write you after viewing your profile and i just want to say hello and how was your day?can we be friend?if yes,Well i will like to known more about you,and also i want to tell you more about my self,please i will be very happy if you could reply me in my private box,( easiest communication so that i can send you my pictures in your box,so that we can go further to known each other,Thanks I'm waiting for your reply in my box,
Yours Cara

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At 4:20am on September 13, 2010, Affiliantes Net said…
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At 10:24am on August 7, 2010, Aman CertifiedNetworkMarketer said…

At 6:49pm on April 21, 2010, sam goff said…
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At 9:47pm on April 16, 2010, Joyce McClew said…
Hi how are I am I do not speak any other language but nglish

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