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Founder in UK earn us$20,000.00 per-week after 20 weeks….

We are booming across the world with the Genie our team is growing larger and larger every day.

I’ am here  100% behind every distributor in our teams.You can join through my website by clicking the links to join our global team, it would be worth your effort to join fast and get a strong position with so many people joining us from around the world. click here and complete this form

9  ways to earn residual income

1-income comes from payperclick from giving the software APP away

-2income comes from selling of genie licences. for every 2 people you sign up you get $100 commission for the licence sales

3-income comes from cycle bonuses, every 2 people in left leg matched by 2 in right leg you get $50 (these people can also be from overspill from above you)

4-income comes from residual monthly $10 cycle bonuses, for every 2 in left leg matched by 2 in right leg (these people can also be from overspill from above you)

5-Overidding Comission from overspill

6-.Affliate Shopping pay per click 20%

7-..Car Programme

8-.Vacation Trip

Many more…

Succeed together with Spillover and Spillunder

The beauty with this is, you are not building your downlines alone to fill all the levels, but through your Upline or Spillovers and Spillunders.
• SPILLOVER: When your Upline fills up his/her 1st Level or he/she has already 5 members in the 1st Level all the future referrals will go to his/her downline until the completion of all the Levels.
• SPILLUNDER: When you fill up your 1st Level with 5 members all your future referrals will go automatically to your 2nd Level up to 3th Level.
Have you seen the potential of Spillover and Spillunder?
Never again will you be building your downlines on your own! This model also helps you to build your referrals fast and easy.

If you are considering joining our team, please take into consideration the following factors.

  • ·If you join our team you will be in the fastest growing team within MSG (mynetuniverse). (cost of Licence $199)
  • ·You will get the best distributor designed website to help you build your business,
  • ·namely the globalhorizons web site. You will get this F-R-E-E if you join our team.
  • ·Many other distributors dont get this, and some that do, have to pay £100 to £220 for it.
  • ·You will get your list of personally enrolled leads, or we can deal with this for you and send your links out to the leads. 
  • ·You will have dedicated support from experienced Marketers, who have built organisations of over 130,000 people in the past.

If you want to join our team, please reply with "I want to join"  we will help you get started

If you are going to joined, congratulations. Now send this email on with your link and your name to us

Unique benefits in our team,  dont delay your decision, as you will benefit from those joining after you. 


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Thank you ,it will be a p******* to work with you



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