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 Hello Folks,

Just over 1100 members!
  Now is your chance to build long term wealth by adding silver to your portfolio for $10!
 That is right, for just $10, you can get your hands on 1 oz .999 fine silver bars or rounds.....
 You may have heard this before; the US Dollar was just recently at its lowest point in history and is worth about 4% of what it used to be worth. Also, every paper currency since the beginning of recorded history has eventually become worthless!
 But, silver prices are up 40% since the beginning of 2010, and all the experts expect it to continue to increase in value.
 Now is your chance to add silver to your portfolio at a fraction of the current market price, and before it continues to increase in value simply and affordable!
 This is how My Silver Empire can help you get your hands on silver and increase your net worth...
 First, join our program and make a one time payment of $10. This will enter you into a small 3x2 matrix where you can earn silver, plus 100,000 banner impressions that will be shown on this site and throughout our entire network.
 Once your small 3x2 matrix is filled with 12 members from your marketing efforts, spillover from above, or through our massive marketing campaign, you will earn two 1 oz .999 fine silver bars or rounds. Current value of two silver bars or rounds is near $40. Your silver bars or rounds will be shipped to you within two weeks of you completing your 3x2 matrix via 1st class mail.
 But, you are not done yet. Once you fill your 3x2 matrix with 12 members and earn your two silver bars or rounds, you will be given one free entry back into our matrix. This will allow you to earn two more silver bars or rounds!
 For a one time $10 payment, you will receive 100,000 banner impressions for your main program, plus four 1 oz .999 fine silver bars or rounds whose current value is near $80! And, if the current up trend continues as predicted, who knows what they may be worth in a few months or even years!
 Also, feel free to purchase as many positions as you like, so you can earn silver over and over again!
 There is no easier or affordable way to add silver to your portfolio and build your net worth for the future.

 1. Join for a one time payment of $10.
 2. You are placed in our 3x2 matrix and you receive 100,000 banner impressions and a site just like this one to market.
 3. The matrix is filled via your marketing efforts, or those of your upline or company referrals.
 4. Once your small 3x2 matrix is filled, you earn two 1 oz .999 fine silver bars or rounds.
 5. Your silver will be shipped to you within two weeks of you filling your matrix.
 6. You receive a new position back in our 3x2 matrix.
 7. Earn another two silver bars or rounds.
 8. Buy more positions to earn more and more silver.

 This is starting to explode. Get Placed now!  You will be very pleased later.  Thanks for reading.

 Rebecca Hubbard

  Also here is a Free4Ever Entry into the Tech App Business that is about to Explode Worldwide. Get your friends into this one now! Its free and They will be paying us to share this after The Products are Launched. Folks whens the first time your App Company paid you?? All Members of all Countries will benefit here.

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