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How would you like to get Paid to promote your business? By giving away a super tool with your business on it! Your Free members advertise for you without even knowing they are!

  • Hey Guys this is a new cool awesome way to promote your business, blogs ideas, products, services, ministry or just yourself.

Become a basic smart media representative and add your business link and banner, then give it away free. Better more poplular deal
Become a Super Representative and then Add Unlimited Content to this Already AMazing Smart Media Desktop, Then give it away Free to others.
Thru the Tell-A-Friend Feauture your Free members then Promote you and your business For Free with all their family and friends without them even realizing they are advertising for you. Then their family and friends share for free and so on and so on. Have your blogs, business ETC. end up on hundreds and thousands of peoples desktops.
Plus Get Paid while they are using it. How cool is that. PPC & PPI ads that are on the smart media desktop. Get paid for them to surf on the web. Watch their favorite sports, video, websites... Such a neat idea.
Put Unlimited content on it. Unlimited Blogs, Put all your blogs on it, Put all your business websites, your social websites, your marketing tools, traffic exchanges,, or ANY WEBSITES you want. Any videos, Put it this way Anything that has a URL link you can add unlimited. You can even add and change stuff and it will automatically change on their desktop.

I Personally got one to promote different ministries i like. I put my testimony blog on it. A bunch of Worship and praise video's. Christian websites, bible study tools.. Daily Devotionals, Sermons i like... all kinds of neat christian stuff I ADDED...I thought this was a awesome way to spread the Gospel... For that is my personality.. But you can add whatever you like to yours.

Smart Media already has amazing features on it. Very Awesome educational tool.
Smart Library- video library where you can learn things like facebook, twitter, myspace, computers.. ETC>
WEB BROWSER- You actually get paid while your free members are using anything on the desktop. PPC & PPI feature.
My university- school children, and college students or adults can learn anything from algebra, science, geography, to banking.
Bargain shopper- find the best deals on the web, or your local area
cooking shows
kids shows
Tons of Virus Free Software to download right from your desktop for FREE!
Upgraded version even has interactive helpers to train you on different subjects ranging from building your own website, to facebook.
Interactive helpers automatic geeks will even do it for you. Have a computer issue, just give them permission to get on your computer, next thing you know you will see their pointer flying everywhere on your computer screen fixing issues for you. They will even build you a website, or anything you want. just ask if they can do it.. this is upgraded version, either with a rep package, or standard member for $30.00 a month.

Honestly too much too list,, for so much comes on it for FREE.
If any of your members upgrade or become reps,, you get paid even more... Super Reps earn up to 8 different streams of income.


This is a great awesome idea. I am so happy i found this.

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