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After having a couple of the best weeks this year. I am just feeling very blessed.
All of us that are preforming the network marketing process, in the correct manner, are never surprised when our efforts come together.
I mean, that when we continually build relationships and we help others to understand how our business or methodology of doing our business can help them, we are not surprised when others join us. Its very gratifying.
I have been a net worker most of my life. I didn't know that there was a name for what I was doing naturally.
Helping others by helping myself. The more I helped others the more that I prospered.
I read a lot of books and only after I started doing on-line networking, did I understand the scope of my ability to touch so many other people's lives and lend assistance.
I have found that, as a marketer, there are a lot of people that really need help in understanding the "How" of networking.
Its not about putting your info in front of others that are also passionate about their opportunity or product.
Networking is sharing great and informative content that anyone can use to build their business.
I hope that you get what I am saying.
I know that there are those that just "Spam" and hope that others join them.
They are wasting their time and ours.
Network marketing can be the greatest gift of all if done correctly.
Those that are doing it and that are getting great results know that.
Those that don't do it very well and aren't willing to learn how to do it correctly soon move on to something else.
I am proud to be associated with those here on IBO that actually know and do it correctly.
You know who you are.
Thanks for taking the time to read this PR.
Here is some info that I want to share:
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My p******* to share.
James the healthy coffee guy--Marketer(480-277-0084)
Skype: james.lockett45
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