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•Earn the money it takes to invest.•Invest your earnings to grow it.•Grow it to achieve your dreams
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QLxchange™ introduces OneX™

A csapat vagyok több, mint 1 millió ember csatlakozott! 
látni fogja REAL spillover itt .. 

Ne hagyd ki ezt egy 

IT'S észbontó és egyszerű!

Nincs több kifogás, akkor már anyagi függetlenség 
rövid idő alatt. 1x 5 dollar

Why the name OneX? We think you will figure that out yourself. We offer an amazing international Gold and Silver Program with multiple Profit Centers, OneX being our first. Later on you can take time to learn all about QLxchange. For now, we suggest you focus on OneX.


Star Gate Members1. Join this opportunity called QLxchange as a new SG✧Cadet for a 30 day free trial.  SG is short for Star Gate.  As a SG✧Cadet, one can immediately start earning an income, which will help them take the steps needed to go through each gate.  Our objective is to help all of our members reach their personal financial goals.  Most will want to move through the gate that will take them to the top levels of achievement with QLxchange as a Star Leader.  Many members will transition through the portal star gate and become a Star Leader, which can bring a level of financial success that will allow them to explore a world in which few get to travel.2. The SG✧Cadet is placed in the first available position in their sponsor’s structure and sit at the top of their own newly formed structure that begins as a revolutionary expandable 3 x 9 forced matrix.  That’s right, there is an opportunity to dynamically expand this structure way beyond a simple 3 x 9, thereby unleashing an avalanche of additional income.  You will learn more on the next page.3. There are 4 more Star Gate Member types – SG✧1, SG✧2, SG✧3 and SG✧4.  4. To advance in QLxchange, the member chooses which method they want to use to upgrade.  They either pay a New Subscription Fee for the level they desire or they advance one level each time a personally sponsored member pays a New Subscription Fee.  One great reason to upgrade is that it reduces the cost of the Premium Fee for our Core Product, which you can read about by clicking HERE.MemberTypeUpgrade Options   Spend  OR  ShareDiscountPercentageSG✧1 $11 1 1%SG✧2 $22 +1 2%SG✧3 $33 +1 3%SG✧4 $44 +1 4%5. SG✧Cadets starts with a subscription that has a End Of Cycle (EOC) Fee.  The member needs to start paying this at the end of the first 30 days of their subscription.  The EOC Fee repeats every consecutive 30 day cycle thereafter.  The SG✧Cadet has a $1 EOC Fee.  This covers website and support costs.  Regardless as to what method of upgrading is used, a member starts a new subscription based on their member type for QLxchange’s Investing Insights reports at a cost equal to the New Subscription Fee.  When a member upgrades (or downgrades), the New Subscription Fee payment cancels their previous subscription and resets their 30 day cycle clock.6. Every Active Member receives sales commissions on paid New Subscription Fees.  There is also a special bonus paid to our Star Leaders called a Leader Coded Bonus.  The next page has a full description of what it takes to become a Star Leader.  7. To earn at the greatest potential income and receive the greatest product discount the member needs to be a SG✧4 Member.  Outside of the New Subscription Bonuses all commissions are based on member type and applies to all additional profit centers.   A SG✧4 Member earns 100% of potential sales commissions and 100% of potential discounts.IMPORTANT: A SG✧3 Member earns 75% of potential sales commissions and 75% of potential discounts, a SG✧2 Member earns 50% of potential sales commissions and 50% of potential discounts, a SG✧1 Member earns 25% of potential sales commissions and 25% of potential discounts, and a SG✧Cadet earns 10% of potential sales commissions and no discounts.8. All Active Members, including SG✧Cadets receive a New Subscription Bonus when a member in their structure pays a New Subscription Fee.  You can see the Potential Income - New Subscriptions chart by clicking HERE.9. The SG✧2, SG✧3, and SG✧4 Members receive a 50% Matching Bonus of Internal Sales Commissions, New Subscription and Leader Coded Bonuses for every Active Member that they personally sponsor (unlimited potential).10. The SG✧3 and SG✧4 Members receive a 50% Matching Bonus of Internal Sales Commissions, New Subscription and Leader Coded Bonuses for every Active Member on their fourth level (a minimum of at least 81 potential members on the fourth level).✥✥✥The points above explain potential income for SG✧Cadet, SG✧1, SG✧2, SG✧3, & SG✧4 Members.  The next page illustrates how one becomes a Star Leader and illustrates the earning potential for this member.  It is not difficult to become a Star Leader.  In fact, it is easy!





QLxchange™ introduces OneX™ 
Why the name OneX? We think you will figure that out yourself. We offer an amazing international Gold and Silver Program with multiple Profit Centers, OneX being our first. Later on you can take time to learn all about QLxchange. For now, we suggest you focus on OneX.


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Comment by marlon sanchez on May 25, 2015 at 4:36pm

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Comment by marlon sanchez on November 9, 2014 at 4:00pm

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publicidad gratuita, pública ahora

Comment by marlon sanchez on October 22, 2013 at 2:11am

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Comment by IMRE LASZLO ANTAL on September 9, 2012 at 4:04am

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Comment by IMRE LASZLO ANTAL on October 27, 2011 at 4:48pm

Your NEW ASHMAX is a real game changer!


In ASHMAX we are a collection of independent business leaders who are about to rewrite the rules of engagement within the multilevel and network marking industry. We are not another multilevel company operating under the same rules that typically define market players.

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Comment by Donna Lombardo on June 25, 2011 at 2:09pm
I just joined. What does it cost?
Comment by IMRE LASZLO ANTAL on June 22, 2011 at 4:20am

•Earn the money it takes to invest.•Invest your earnings to grow it.•Grow it to achieve your dreams
Thank you for choosing to join our program!



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