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Comment by Mike Jensen on February 14, 2009 at 3:50pm
As I said in my bio I would like to give you the Honest pros and cons of a Internet business
 that I am involved in from the inside Looking out , as I see them

Today Im talking about a program called Zero 2 Riches

Working from home on the Internet is a very challenging Job.
As you know you have to:

        1 Advertise, This can get very expensive and or time consuming
I have found that advertising in safelist and traffic exchanges is very responsive with this program,
in fact better than any programs I have seen. However the fact that you are advertising Zero start up cost
you tend to get people that have been burnt on the Internet before and though they sign up right away many
are reluctant to get started or spend any money. Also If the recruit is from outside of the United States or Canada
they have to start at Step 2 and that is a program they will have to pay to join. However they can still built a massive
 downline quickly that start at step 1 ( those from the United States or Canada ) who start for free are very motivated
 to move up the steps under him to make more money, making him more money.
Im finding that only about 20% start advertising and making money right away.
Also the pre written promotional material is limited and you will probably want to supply this for them in the beginning.
However I find that the 20% ratio is much better then most programs and the recruits come much faster and easier
then any business I've seen
        2 Diversify, to create wealth you need multiple income steams
This is the brilliant feature of this program, Zero 2 Riches starts you making money with no out of pocket cost
that allows you to leverage into 9 other paid programs that also make you money while only advertising Zero 2 Riches
Your recruit is motivated to spend his earned money to move up the steps bringing his downline with him.
Can you imagine 200 of your people spread out over 10 paying programs all of them making you money and
bringing more recruits.
The draw back is getting them to complete their trail offers in step 1. This is where their free money is made
to start but some people are afraid they will get ripped off or that the trail will not cancel leaving them
with debt they don't want.  I personally don't know anyone who followed the simple instructions that
 had any problems at all. Step one is the biggest hurtle, I found it easy.
This is where some of your people will stall. 

        3 Offer inexpensive value
, marketers today measure cost against gain before committing
Remember you will get recruits that are leery and people who don't want to spend  but do want to earn.
some that don't understand that advertising will most surely cost money or time. also those who cant start at
step 1 while have to invest

I feel I have told you the honest pros and cons of this programs and their obstacles.
Let me know your views and suggestions. Overall I feel I have found away to create wealth that will satisfy all of these demands.
A program that can be free to join with incredible growth potential.

Despite its problems I do recommend looking at it
Can you imagine only having to promote one program that allows you to leverage yourself into 10 wealth
producing programs on the Internet, while bringing all of your referrals up with you thru 10 income
right behind you.

Here is the ad Im using

YOU have got to see this

Make Money with Zero Cash Start Up Cost!

Would you like to START making money without ANY start up cost?

Then you have found it!

Free $40 Payments to you over and over are leveraged into HIGHER Paying Programs

>> FREE Training

>>100% Daily Pay-Outs

>>Step by Step Video Tutorials

Contrary to what you have heard and believed it doesn't take money to make money

See For Yourself to watch the video click here
Comment by Arnljot Blindheim on February 13, 2009 at 6:00pm
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...Arnljot Blindheim

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Comment by Kevin Casanova on February 10, 2009 at 10:41am
Marketing Online? Stop throwing YOUR money away!

Hi Folks I have been a very successful online marketer
earning as much as 10k to 30k online in one week!

Check out my website!


Everyone knows that with the economy the way it is the
Last thing you want to do is throw money away!

But if you are marketing online, without tracking your advertising
that is what you are doing! You need to know what is pulling and
what is not! You can’t guess at it any longer. Money is too hard to
make to throw it away!


I marketed direct sales programs and used many advertising sources
without bothering to track my response rate from the different places
I advertised. WOW was I surprised when I finally started to track my
Ad sources! I found out that I was literally throwing hundreds of dollars
per week, and per month away, just like throwing it right in the garbage can!

The first step I tell ALL new online marketers to do is track their advertising!
It is that IMPORTANT.


Once you know what pulls and what does not you can start building a database
of sources that at the touch of a button you can reach thousands of buying
prospects with whatever you are marketing.

I hope you know how important it is to start building a list if your doing ANY
marketing online what-so-ever!

Well it is equally important to track each and every Ad you place online.

This is the best tracker I have used I has my programmer develop it for me, it
Is so simple to use it only takes about 2 minutes to track each Ad source you
use online!

Here it is…GO HERE

Prepare to prosper in 2009 in my over 17 years online I have never seen a year
where there are so many people looking to supplement their income or replace it.

Please call me or IM me if I can help you in any way!

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Comment by Glen Brink on February 8, 2009 at 7:19pm
Yes We Can!

I recommend

Glen Brink
Comment by Maria Elizabeth Arias on February 4, 2009 at 6:29pm
Hi to ALL!
Comment by Eva Szentmiklossy CEO on February 4, 2009 at 5:46am
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5) Because of such a small lifetime entrance fee it is very easy to recruit
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I am here to help you get started:

Eva Szentmiklossy CEO and Founder of
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Comment by Ralph Arcamone Jr. on February 1, 2009 at 9:15am
Hello every one, It's always a p******* to join a group of like minded individuals for any number of reasons. I myself am rather new to the Internet marketing business although I've been online for 6-7 yrs. in different capacities. This is a different animal though and I'm sure many of you can answer a lot of my questions. I can see there is a wealth of knowledge here and I look forward to contributing any way I can.
Ralph F. Arcamone Jr.
By the way does anyone understand ppc on google enough to know whether a shortened URL under your ad is sufficient as long as your URL is added in full in the destination box when you construct your add? The add only allows for 35 digits and my URL is longer. Thanks in advance if you have an answer.
Comment by Therese on January 30, 2009 at 9:26am
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Have a great day guys...
Comment by Makaronline on January 28, 2009 at 11:35pm
I am NEW
Comment by Judy E. McIntosh on January 26, 2009 at 8:36pm
How many of you have actually, truly made money online. Need strong advice on getting started. Lets talk

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