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Does anyone know of a any money-making work-from-home job ? If you know of any one that is really paying , let me know . I have not made a dime since 7years ago I started this reserch.
Please help urgently .

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I've lost years and thousands of Euros trying, so I know how you feel. The best way is to integrate a system in which they do EVERYTHING for you. They coach you 24/7, they show you the best biz opportunities (daily updated), they pay you per click and they pay good comissions per referral. They do the follow-ups and close the sales for you. They provide all the tools you need to have a prosper business, almost in automated. See for yourself. Just for attending an interview for FREE, you get 50K new targeted fresh ads. See what I mean? That, my friend, is real BUSINESS. I stumbled at and (finallt) began to win good money and rapidly recovered my investment of the past years. Why don't you attend the interview... after all, it's free. You have nothing to loose... Success! Anelatla
Hi Uchem
If you haven't found anything yet you may like to take a look at this. It's my number 1 money maker you can contact me at go look at this
Yes I am beginning to make $$$

Best regards
Hello Uchem
Here are some links you serious programs where you can earn money!

1. I joined affiliate program. I like this program very much. I want to recommend you.
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Best Regards,
Ivan Sisak
Greetings from Australia...
I am Zoran, an ordinary bloke, with an extraordinary life, one wife, three beautiful kids (5-7-9) and at 70 years of age, I have invented this, an advertising tool with a secret weapon, the magic button. there are more surprises coming so stay tuned :-)
Oh, BTW, it does make money now

PS. you can skype me if you need more info. Name: bestmla
I would like to hear (read) your opinion on this...

Most of these "jobs" are in USA, however you may find work that hire worldwide.

Arvell Lewis
I have tried those sites too with no success. I am finally finding some success with being an affiliate for some online businesses. I joined LeadsLeap and it's a wonderful place to track your results on what URLS work and what doesn't. If you have a favorite online store and they have an affiliate program, join up with them and start throwing out those URLs.
Try joining the ones that are relevant to today's needs and sought after products. Health and fitness are some ideas.
I go by Ron A, and I have the MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY that will

As of Today 8/4/09 this is Still in Pre-Launch Mode,
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You may Already know about it, but just in case,,,,
go to

If you want to contact me

Thanks and hope this helps,
Ron A
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Hey Uchem
Avoid the get rich quick merchants and opt for an online business that will allow you to follow a business model that will generate income for you for years to come. Furthermore ~ you do not need to pay monthly fees or overstretch yourself with your initial outlay.
Warmest Regards & Good Luck
gwyndaf Jones
Ivan Sisak here...

Now, I have no idea if Sqipcom (Sqip for short) will be a huge success.

However, I am very impressed from what I have seen so far and think SQIP "could" possibly become a "very" successful company. Who knows, maybe the next MEGA Internet giant.

I thought you may want to know about this and at the least, check them out. It’s FREE to join now (at time of this writing on 2/7/09), and you even get 100 SHARES in the company, with apparently no catches. So, if that's all we did (collect the 100 shares), without giving any personal or banking info, or ss# to the company, my thoughts are, what have I got to lose? Possibly a lot to gain for a few minutes time. I'm in. If you are uneasy about even that, then this is NOT for you.


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Remember Ebay in 1997?

Remember Google in 1998?

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I've just joined a great affiliate program that I'd like to tell you more about. The Affiliate Program is a fantastic way to make money with your web site. has over 100,000 prints, posters and photographs from many categories including fine art, sports, movies, music, celebrities and more. All you have to do is link to images on your website and you’ll earn 25-30% commission on all sales through the website. also offers state of the art custom framing giving you the opportunity to earn greater commissions on framed prints.

They offer a range of linking tools that automatically generate html for products chosen and comprehensive reports to help you track your performance.

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I'm sure you’ll enjoy being an Affiliate.
Ivan Sisak


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