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How Does Viral Print Work As A Fundraiser?

ViralPrint is an online graphic design and printing company that offers wholesale prices to the general public on both it's design work and all it's print products. ViralPrint will sell about 40 different print products when it officially launches. Right now at the time of this writing, ViralPrint offers business cards, post cards, and banners to it's members. Flyers and brochures will be coming within a week or so. The creators of ViralPrint are successful "wholesale to the trade printers" that have been developing ViralPrint as a "wholesale to the public company" for the last year or so. They are now slowly rolling out the beta launch and fixing anything that pops up.

ViralPrint is uniquely designed to pay out compensation from 5 levels of referrals to individuals, businesses, non profit organizations, youth groups, or associations that are needing to raise money. When someone joins ViralPrint for free and then buys products from their free website that ViralPrint gives them, compensation from those purchases are paid 5 levels up.

So what does all this have to do with my fundraising program?

Viral Print can be used to produce residual compensation, month after month, year after year from anyone that the organization refers to ViralPrint.

Have the Organization sign up with the person or group that shared ViralPrint with them. (I'm sharing it now with you please sign up here). Now when your organization orders print products like business cards, post cards, fliers, etc. your organization will save from 50% to 75% off of retail prices. Your organization will receive wholesale prices for now on saving you significant money on your print related advertisement for the organization. What will the organization do with the savings?

Have all your members individually sign up under the Organization's ViralPrint website. Now when they purchase print related items, they will receive wholesale prices too. And when they purchase any product from ViralPrint the Organization will earn compensation from the purchases. Don't stop with just your members. You probably know of other organizations that need to raise money like schools, churches, youth sport leagues, civic groups, etc. Share ViralPrint with them and sign them up under your organizations ViralPrint Website. (see the potential for this below)

Now ask every member to "share" ViralPrint with as many people as they feel comfortable talking to. For some this could be just one or two people, for others this could be hundreds of people or other organizations or groups. Remember we are asking your organization's members to share a free website with others and to ask them to sign up for a free account with ViralPrint so they too can receive wholesale prices on all their future print related needs and to be able to earn compensation as well when they refer others to ViralPrint.

If an organization marketed it well, and got most of their members to sign up to help their organization raise funds just by purchasing products at wholesale prices or sharing that information with someone who can save money…the potential could be enormous!

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