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Hello--The blog at the top is why I am not as attentive to my friends as I would like. You see, the links below keep me very busy. I help those that join any of my business opportunities to succeed using all the tools at my disposal. One being : ( Submitting your site to the search engines ) There are other tools if they want to market the products that they and their aquaintences use ( Tracy Biller--Tim Sales ) show anyone how to do this business ( MLM- Network Marketing-Attraction Marketing ) all anyone has to do is go to the websites and 1st sign-up for the newsletters and then look in these (2 ) professionals archives ( great free info ). Anyone looking to work with a winner just join 1 or more of the opportunities and then notify me. You won't be in business by yourself , but you will be in business for yourself. I love what I do and if anyone wants to know more about me just call me ( No Spamming Please ) 480-277-0084

The Gano Excel Story
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