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OUR LOVE AFFAIR WITH COFFEE We all love a cup of hot, delicious gourmet coffee. The aromatic smell, the smooth, warming taste - the happy, satisfying feeling your favorite brew gives you: no wonder coffee is the #1 daily beverage of choice for most of the people in the world. But what if there was a way to make it even better?

BENEFICIAL MUSHROOMS For thousands of years, medicinal mushrooms have been recognized for their incredible power to improve human health, vitality, and longevity. Anyone who researches natural healing understands this important discovery. The major hurdle that challenges many health enthusiasts, however, is how to find high quality mushroom sources and incorporate them into a natural daily diet.

When new studies were published revealing the exciting new health benefits of drinking coffee, a few companies came up with an interesting idea - why not combine the important healing benefits of mushrooms with the new healing and endurance discoveries of natural coffee. This impressive idea quickly led to the creation of Ganoderma and Reishi mushroom enhanced coffees, with only one major challenge to what seemed a certain path to success: the taste. These initial mushroom coffees lacked the rich, full-bodied experience of a delicious home brew, and instead left people dissatisfied with the watered down blandness of an average instant coffee or worse, the bitterness commonly associated with REISHI mushrooms.

PREMIUM ORGANIC COFFEE ENRICHED WITH 14 BENEFICIAL MUSHROOMS It seemed, for a time, that coffee that was good for you would never taste like good Coffee to you. Until JavaFit came along - Intent on creating a truly healthy coffee, WITHOUT sacrificing that delicious full bodied taste, we created Java Impact - the first and only premium organic gourmet brewed coffee that has all the health benefits of a potent mushroom blend with all the flavor and taste you'd expect from a truly gourmet coffee.

THE BEST TASTING COFFEE IN THE WORLD TODAY. This is because Java Impact is unlike any other coffee you have ever tried... We begin with the finest green certified organic Arabica coffee beans, grown in nutrient-rich soil on natural farms without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or other chemicals. We then take these premium organic beans and hand roasts them in small batches to perfection.

JAVA IMPACT - THE ONE AND ONLY After roasting, our organic coffee beans are then infused with a healthy full spectrum extract of 14 beneficial organic mushrooms - making our natural coffee the only gourmet blend on the market with such a full range of complete mushroom benefits, including the potent immune enhancing benefits of beta glucans.

In addition, all 14 mushroom extracts are organically grown under strictly controlled conditions in North America for the highest potency and purity. Our mushroom extract is also alkaline based which, as many are now discovering, counteracts the harmful effects of acidity and provides a healthy living environment for your cells.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK The customer feedback is absolutely amazing, with reports of increased energy, elevated moods, enhanced immunity and stamina; reduced stress and w*****-l***. We are also hearing comments like: "it made me feel great!”. "It made me feel like I can tackle anything!”” It gave me a beautiful sense of calm and well-being" and even some calling it "HAPPY COFFEE!"

HIGH IMPACT COFFEE CREATES AN UNEQUALED OPPORTUNITY We can guarantee; this is the most impact full cup of coffee you will ever experience which is why we call it Java Impact! Because the coffee tastes so good and is so good for you, it practically sells itself, earning you quick money as well as longer term financial gains. In fact, we are so proud of Java Impact and our powerful JavFit Home Business model that we have made it our personal mission to share this unique coffee opportunity with people all over the Globe and would love to have you join our team.

SUPPORTING ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY We invite you to become a part of that special mission. Help yourself and positively impact others lives.. And because Java Impact is a certified Fair Trade coffee - helping to support environmental sustainability and today's hard-working farmers, you will be making an impact all over the world.

JOIN US With our amazing new coffee, Java Impact, making money couldn't be any easier. It's time for you to try the best coffee on Earth for yourself - and share this unique life-changing opportunity with those you care about.

We also have the market with our category Gourmet Functional Coffee

Diet Plus 62
Energy 62
Immune Plus
Focus Plus

If that isn’t enough take a look at our Healthy Fair-Trade Organic Blends. Caffeinated as well as a Swiss Water Decaf

If you’re not interested in a Money Making Home Based Business and just want to buy wholesale, go to the Join tab and become one of our many Happy Preferred Customers.

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