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Catch the dream

Below are some business partners who have caught the dream:, Rosemary Szymanski (8242353) Ginny Williams (8253520) Necole Brown (8233408) James the healthy coffee guy (8084130 )


http;// ( the business ), Jesus Chavez (8237540), William Carter (8251992), Cody Spencer (8258794), Madelaine Woods (8251992)

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interview with Robert Hollis!

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Documentation beats Conversation

This information on this has been provided purely as reference and should not replace the medical advice of your personal physician. Here are some links that you can use for your marketing efforts:

Overview Recording: 800-921-4266…

To place an order call 626-338-8081 and give the representative the name/number of any of the above business partners and place your order by phone (very easy to do). Or, you can purchase directly online by clicking on one of the above links of someone you may know.

Want to talk? Call me: James the healthy coffee guy Lockett 480-277-0084

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