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Scenario 1:

You're in a program where you only need to refer 2. Then at the 9th level, you'll earn $200,000+ per month.


95% of your downlines are not moving at all. You're only managed to refer up to maybe the 3rd or 4th level with your own and a couple active promoters' effort.

Scenario 2:

You're in a program where you do not need to refer. The program itself will do all the referring for you.


95% of the program's downline are not moving at all. The program itself may manage to refer up to 4th ~ 6th level with their effort then they will crash. These programs are often perceived as scams because they failed to deliver their promises.


The only way to truly earn money online is never about what kind of system you're in. It is always about getting those 95% of people to refer for you.

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