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HeLLoo! How many downline clubs, matrices, 1ups, 2ups, TEAMS, etc., etc. have you joined that promised a helpful upline who would be there for you, help you build, chase away the boogey man, cheer you on and ACTUALLY send you a REAL email?

I've joined many many of those where I was promised a "team" and I was told my sponsor would answer questions and help me and the only thing I ever got in the way of help was 1 stale canned welcome email.

And I've joined plenty of programs where I didn't even get that!

Then there are the ones where there is all kinds of help if you're willing to continuously lay out the bucks for it!

Well, folks, I am looking for a working downline to take with me into paying programs. To qualify: You Must be willing to work at promoting in every free way that you can find. (If you want to spend money on promotion more Power to ya!) You Must be willing to send real, genuine emails to your downline recruits on a somewhat regular basis, and even possibly help them to figure out a way to come up with entry money into certain programs (benefactoring, or loaning, or making some sort of arrangement with them that suits you both.) You Must be hungry enough to put Real Sustained Effort into building your business in the early stages so that it can sustain you later.

If you want free lunch, don't sign up in this program! If you are willing to help yourself and others we want you!

I am building my downline first to take with me into the money programs, but that doesn't mean that you can't make money while we are building. We are actually incentivized to help our downline recruits.

So, if what I have described interests you please click and sign up here:

My promise to you is that you will have help from your upline Team. You Will hear from us! Click here Only if you are Dedicated to Success:

To Your Success

Tim Eller

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