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We've noticed that some Silver and Platinum Package customers are not aware of, or using all of the resources available or included in your packages.

Here's a quick run down so you can be sure to use the software and resources we've got for you!

1. The Bootcamp Training: Some of you have got your Silver or Platinum package set up but have not yet started the bootcamp. If you haven't started bootcamp training, login in to the Member area and click on the link on the left menu for the bootcamp. Follow the steps of the training so you know how to use the leads, use your newsletter, use the Prospect Emailer, the Affiliate Center, the traffic resources, the 21+ Streams of Income, edit your site, promote ALL your opportunities and use the other tools included to build your online business.

2. The Traffic Resources: Once logged in to the Dealer Member area be sure to review the Advertising/Traffic link on the left hand menu for both free and low cost advertising options.

3. The Training: George Kosch is currently working on screen capture training to help you understand the tools in your package and the options available to you. Watch these by logging into the Member area and under the Bootcamp Training link on left hand menu, you will see the link for Screen Capture Training. He has also included other helpful training aids for you in this section as well.

4. The Support: We know you've got questions and we want to help you. For support you can contact your sponsor, or for Technical questions submit a Support Request form using the link located in..... yes you guessed it.. the link to the Tech Support form is in the Member area on the left hand menu.

5. The Monitors: Our Monitors are stars! Superstars! They are celebrities here at Worldprofit. Why? They volunteer their time to help you build your online business, while also building their own! It's a win-win situation. As Monitors they benefit from the exposure, and the sales skills training from Dr. Lant. While online they are building their own businesses but they are also helping YOU build yours as you bring in traffic to your site. Three cheers and a round of applause for the Worldprofit Monitors! We need people who are smart, motivated and eager to learn to join our Monitor network, if this is you, we want to hear from you.

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