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This ebook will make you a SMARTER, MORE SUCCESSFUL Internet Marketer - Period. Get it here:

We've noticed that some Silver and Platinum Package customers are not aware of, or using all of the resources available or included in your packages.

Here's a quick run down so you can be sure to use the software and resources we've got for you!

1. The Bootcamp Training: Some of you have got your Silver or Platinum package set up but have not yet started the bootcamp. If you haven't started bootcamp training, login in to the Member area and click on the link on the left menu for the bootcamp. Follow the steps of the training so you know how to use the leads, use your newsletter, use the Prospect Emailer, the Affiliate Center, the traffic resources, the 21+ Streams of Income, edit your site, promote ALL your opportunities and use the other tools included to build your online business.

2. The Traffic Resources: Once logged in to the Dealer Member area be sure to review the Advertising/Traffic link on the left hand menu for both free and low cost advertising options.

3. The Training: George Kosch is currently working on screen capture training to help you understand the tools in your package and the options available to you. Watch these by logging into the Member area and under the Bootcamp Training link on left hand menu, you will see the link for Screen Capture Training. He has also included other helpful training aids for you in this section as well.

4. The Support: We know you've got questions and we want to help you. For support you can contact your sponsor, or for Technical questions submit a Support Request form using the link located in..... yes you guessed it.. the link to the Tech Support form is in the Member area on the left hand menu.

5. The Monitors: Our Monitors are stars! Superstars! They are celebrities here at Worldprofit. Why? They volunteer their time to help you build your online business, while also building their own! It's a win-win situation. As Monitors they benefit from the exposure, and the sales skills training from Dr. Lant. While online they are building their own businesses but they are also helping YOU build yours as you bring in traffic to your site. Three cheers and a round of applause for the Worldprofit Monitors! We need people who are smart, motivated and eager to learn to join our Monitor network, if this is you, we want to hear from you.

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George Kosch has just added another Screen Shot Training Segment, this one on how to use the Autoresponder. To access this, login to your Dealer Member area and under the left hand link for Bootcamp Training you will see the link for the Screen Shot Training. The segment on Autoresponders is just one of several available resources. Look for more enhancements, training, and service developments in 2009. To our many valued customers around the world, we thank you for your business and we look forward to continuing to help you build your online businesses in 2009.

~The Worldprofit Support Team

Dear, Great thank you!

Before thirty years as a freshman sdudent am had a plan to make money and then how to get over the crisis in the former Yugoslavia.

How do I know a lot of friends and relatives but we worked on financial engineering type piramidy. For one year I had a bank on 6000 000 German marks, but then in my state that was against the law and took us all the money.

I believe in Worldprofit and I know how to effectively in this difficult situation for all countries on earth, so this deal should siriti for all people and nations, states, for continuous joint work in May are working for money. those who have and those who do not have the money. I shall try to justify your trust and Worldprofit cu siriti on.
Thank you for your suffering!



I think the book dr.Landsa what will edit the world regardless of the recession of the global warming migration of residents of certain countries. Such people with a team of experts of different profiles can be done and wonder how we are aware CUDA is not every day event.

I walked the Internet and got a variety of business offers and all those carrying the same name: How certain web siti take as many mony those who offered "millions of earnings?

Book dr.Landsa allows people to live normally, and in this
good money even if they do not have experience in earnings O-LINE, and that is why I have remained faithful WORLDPROFITU!

All we have let our way of living experience, all of us distinguish good from evil, wealth from poverty, but many who are now struggling to survive the less PAY FOR PUBLIC UTILITIES and the costs are not falling in mind that the door to gain unless it is not absolutely safe!

Yes, gentlemen, I am assigned to monitor the network and I'll stay for a long time but I have to earn mony with the other to buy
Book dr.Landsa and lived for a little better than we live.

I have three children and wife who care about a disabled person, I
so no mony to spare, but I will still assigned to me to be a little more time.

I have my property 460,000 m2 work suites rest, but investors are just stories and nothing more, I have a property in Solin where they held gladijatorske struggle and where the presence of Emperor Diocletian but buyers when they hear what the price-only give
promise ...

When they sold the two properties to third invested in WORLDPROFIT!

Thank you!
Great news! Dr. Jeffrey Lant's latest ebook has been released! It's titled: "10 (Woefully Common) Mistakes Killing
Your Internet Business! and what you can do about them."

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum package owners can get this ebook free by logging in to your Member area and clicking on "Goody Bag" on the left hand menu. After reading,you can also use this ebook to generate leads for your business. You can find landing pages under the "Advertising/Traffic" menu link, and you can find banners under the "Custom Design" link. banners.

For those of you who are not Worldprofit customers, you can get your hands on Dr. Lant's free ebook by logging in to your Worldprofit Associate Member account. Ask for your copy of the most important, honest, insightful, and practical book ever written about how YOU can start achieving online success NOW! Also, ask about the 50,000 Visitors Report so you can generate traffic to the site of your choice.

What George Kosch has to say about Dr. Lant's latest ebook:

"With unerring skill, Dr. Lant shows you what you're doing wrong...and what you must do -- starting today -- to reap growing, consistent profits!"
~ George Kosch MSc. (Capt Ret'd)

More accolades are coming in - this book was just released TODAY!
So hussle on over to your Member area to get your free copy.

Watch for more exciting news releases, this is just the start of many things we've planned for 2009 to help Worldprofit Members build their online business.

Worldprofit Support Team
Dr. Lant's 18th book now available in the Member area.
In or corporate offices and on the phones, we get asked a lot of questions about the Worldprofit Home Business Program. To help newcomers out, here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. To see the COMPLETE list of questions and answers login to your Worldprofit member account and right under the Live Business Center you will see a link for "Q and A", click on that.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Worldprofit Inc.

Question: What are the services that Worldprofit offers?
Answer: Worldprofit Inc., offers three primary service categories:

Home Business Packages called Silver and Platinum Websites, and
Custom Website and Database Development along with e-business tools for traditional business, and
Support, Training, Service AND proven TRAFFIC Strategies!

Question: Can You Tell me more about the Silver and Platinum Home Business Packages?
Answer: Worldprofit offers two types of Home Business Packages:

The Silver Package is the basic starter package for those on a budget who want to start an online business, and
The Platinum Package is geared to more serious individuals who want to benefit by having our suite of the most popular tools and software to start and build their own online business including a Video Recording Studio, and three of our popular Webcast / Web Conference products.

You can learn more about both by watching the Video Overviews. If you hit HOME within the Worldprofit Member area you will also see our Gallery of Silver and Platinum packages and can learn exactly what is included in each.

Question: If the Silver and Platinum Packages are a Home Business, what is the product or service that I sell?

Answer: Your home business is to promote Worldprofit products and services. Anyone you refer can purchase either their own Silver or Platinum package or some of our other stand alone e-business services and business software. We don't pay a commission on the referral only on the resale of our product, services and packages. You can also sell YOUR OWN products, services, affiliates or participate in our 21+ Streams of Income program!

Question: What if I want to sell other things on my site and not just Worldprofit services?

Answer: That's fine. You can sell anything you like on your site (the exception being illegal activities, or adult content). You are not limited to promoting just Worldprofit Inc., services. You can add your own Affiliate links, pages, images, links, etc to your site and use it as your online business center. You can also use the tools and traffic included in your package to track your leads for any type of business, email out any type of offer by newsletter, send video offers, meet with prospects online, and sell anything you like.

Question: What are the Advantages of having a Silver or Platinum Package as a Home Business?

Answer: You get more than a website, you get:

-this is NOT a self replicated site! You get the use of a domain name, hosting for your site, business software, leads, subscribers, our tested advertising resources, eligibility to become a Monitor, the power of our Monitor Network and more!
-the ability to edit your site to add your own UNLIMITED content, including other products/services/affiliates that you are involved with
-you get tools to help you build your online business, not just your Worldproft business but ANY business(es) you are involved in
-the ability to resell " in-demand services" from a well known established company that specializes in this industry
-the option to participate in our 21+ Streams of Income program for more commissions, MORE traffic! (it's included free)
-we've been online since 1994 so we know a thing or two about how to get traffic to your site - we share with you the sites, the strategies and the lists that WORK so you don't waste time or money!
-the powerful assistance of our 24 Monitor program in our unique Live Business Center, so your website visitors are greeted, encouraged to become a free member, attend a webcast presentation and help close sales for you.

Depending on whether you decide on a Silver or a Platinum package your e-business tools may include:

-a newsletter mailer software program
-a system for managing and following up with your leads
-advertising for your site
-traffic building tools
-daily training and business building support
-a personal sponsor
-technical support from our paid full-time support team
-email accounts personalized to your website address
-various software programs to automate your business
-access to pre-called leads
-access to our Member area with advertising aids, call scripts, reports, newsletter templates, daily webcasts and more
-Enrollment in the Millionaire Boot Camp for self paced online training
-the POWER of the LIVE Monitors welcoming your site visitors 24 hours a day and helping close sales of interested prospects
-Use of our Webcast Software and Video Recording Studio (included only in Platinum Package)

Question: Can I pick my own domain name for my Silver or Platinum package?

Answer: Yes. Your Silver or Platinum package includes a domain name. You can select your own name for a small additional service fee or you can use a domain name you already own that does not have any content on it. If you don't have a domain name or don't know what to use, we have dozens already pre-registered and you can opt to use one of our domain names at no additional cost. Details on this will be sent to you when you place your order.

To see the COMPLETE list of questions and answers login to your Worldprofit member account and right under the Live Business Center you will see a link for "Q and A", click on that.

Worldprofit Support
Worldprofit Inc. said:
George Kosch has just added another Screen Shot Training Segment, this one on how to use the Autoresponder. To access this, login to your Dealer Member area and under the left hand link for Bootcamp Training you will see the link for the Screen Shot Training. The segment on Autoresponders is just one of several available resources. Look for more enhancements, training, and service developments in 2009. To our many valued customers around the world, we thank you for your business and we look forward to continuing to help you build your online businesses in 2009.

~The Worldprofit Support Team


To be on someone said we have to lose to ask
whether we want it bizniss whether we are of age healthy and normal people?

I received a dozen e-mail about dr.Land which writes that the thief criminal fraudster
but we have to ask whether we are healthy and normal, if we managed to "someone" cheat?

I have my position and I can say to me, no one
deceived and stole my something, because no one I was not raped at nothing!

Joined I WORLDPROFITU because I understood the message that dr.LANDA via internet start
some of its business and on our half-hour story techniques to succeed and what their techniques on "How to succeed and have its business," charged Silver and platinum book
I think the reality!

Yes, dr.LAND is certainly a big brain and who does not recognize that they should not go on the Internet and in addition must themselves admit that the life will never be a safe but he will always second naredivati, will never have its bizniss and always will have careful when you will get to work
whether to have the flu, keep children in kindergarten, to be seriously ill, have a celebration and a drink ...
but if at the head of late given to exile from trade!

I have a small payment, but I decided to buy "the book" at dr.LANDA and WORLDPROFITA because I think that I entered the club, which is enabled to start thinking Will I always be a slave tudi and wait a new recession of global warming, migration of people ...
Will I have enough mony to pay rezije
food, clothes and shoes for me and my family?

Dr.LAND with WORPROFITOM charged the lost time because the way great idea you had to think and to switch to video and up to the last detail viewers to explain the purpose and intention and intention is that each one of us start your bizniss!

Dr Land my admiration towards your books
puts me in those who believe in you pack, and I hope that people will finally understand that they should open their business and not depend on

EARN up to 80% on Advertising Revenue with the new Read-4-Cash Plugin.
Silver Owners will love this news! Thinking of getting your own Silver package - now is the time.

ATTENTION: Major Update in the works for Read-4-Cash!!

Most of you know how powerful Read-4-Cash is. With over 250,000 ad clicks in the first 60 days it's clearly a winner!

But, how does it tie into the Silver Package? How can YOU get Silver Package sales with Read4Cash?

Right now, it's just a great way to bring in Associates. But wait for it... things are about to take a HUGE turn for the better.

Read4Cash plug in package -

1. Includes Integration of Read-4-Cash into the Silver Package. People visit your site, see the link to make money reading and join the program via your Silver Package.

2. You will be able to see all people who join the Associate program and hence Read-4-Cash via your sponsor link.

3. We plan to add banners/text ads to the system. Anyone purchasing ad space will get you 80% commission on their purchase.

4. Silver package owners will be able to email 3000 random members of Read-4-Cash once a week as part of their package plugin. Basically like having your own safelist mailer as part of your Silver.

5. All Associates that have signed up under you and then have gone into Read-4-Cash will be AUTOMATICALLY tied into your plug in! All that hard work and advertising will not go to waste!!!

And finally, we'll post all of these amazing details in Read-4-Cash to Associates.


Watch for more exciting news about this release in upcoming days.

Worldprofit Support
Thirty years ago and I have worked this what you are doing today, but not to such extent.

And then the economic situation was bad, America and Western allies on the one SSR and its allies on the other side and those in sendvic paid to the guild.
You had to think how to live in the wallet is no dinar?

I had a great friend who was from Judah moved to Poland and Croatia SIMON WARDŽAK and one day I discovered a job which he worked.

Put an ad that gives loans in đepu there was no peny a party that indicated how much credit he wants, the larger the credit to higher earnings.

Party to choose a loan of $ 1000 but that she could get a loan had to pay 5% of the loan amount (50 $) and when the Commission meets for loans
and approve the loan, but how?

1000 the parties requested the loan and pay 50 -...$ then on the account you have $ 5000 and give the five men loan by $ 1000 and they continue to pay all your credit account is full of these
give credit, and after five years satisfied fat hands and not of satisfaction

If you would eg. are all joined Afilate Market ... ... ... Worldprofit treat customers each working for themselves in the nature of the joint.

That the program udruži 3000 000 000 people looking for more profits can work surfaju internet and then mony payments in Afilate ... ... Afilate vrte money and invest in real jobs
Oil, gold, diamonds, ore, food ....

Please consider, because people who come seeking work because they do not have money for life! Means to them is great to invest $ 20-50, but when you get a credit to $ 1000 and that the repayment
working on the Internet would be far more people there and 1 / 3 would be paid immediately.

All who have sent me an e-mail I replied, but heard the answer, because now I have a lot of work, thank you, and you will soon enter into a new job, as a "May?
Whole life is before us, because why spend everything you earn?

Thank you and regards!
ANYONE NEW TO WORLDPROFIT? ANYONE WONDERING ABOUT THE NEW READ-4-CASH PLUGIN which will be included FREE with all new Silver or Platinum Packages.

Come to today's LIVE bootcamp training with George Kosch, Technical Director at
George developed this software and he is your Bootcamp Instructor.

Time: Friday January 16th at 10:00 am central

Where: Live Bootcamp Training. Login to the Dealer Member area and on the left hand menu click on "Millionaire Bootcamp". Then click on "LIVE BOOTCAMP TRAINING"

George will discuss the Read-4-Cash Plugin and how YOU Benefit to make cash! He will answer any and all questions about this latest Worldprofit innovation.

Hope you can make it.

George Kosch
All Bootcamp Training Sessions are now available on our Podcasting site:

You can watch using your iPod, Blackberry etc. If you are on Facebook try adding the application to watch:

We added a link in the training screencasts area and at the top of the current webcast bar when you login.

Just a reminder about the new landing page at If you would like to run the ads for that page, it's the first one in the Ad Example area under Advertising.

That's all for now.

Worldprofit Support
Read-4-Cash banners in various sizes are now available in the Dealer Member area (free for Silver and Platinum customer use). To access login to your Dealer Member area, left hand menu, click on "Design Services", then on "Free Banners/Ads". Any questions or follow up use the Support form in your member area please.

Worldprofit Support

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