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We've all had varying degrees of success at Worldprofit. So what works best for you? I've had a good bit of success from safelist auto submitters.

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Best PTC Site

There are hundreds of blog and websites on the internet which have hundreds of articles on earning money online. But most of them are just articles for their website promotion because “Earning Money Online” is the most popular Google Search.

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To make more money with your home-based business, you need toincrease website traffic. Most novice webmasters struggle to drive traffic to their site.Search engines loves blogs. Setup up a blog and update it a few times a week with strong, relevant content to get more hits on your site.

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This is an excellent thread, some brilliant answers in, all offering good strategies

My own contribution to this...

Over the last 9 years or so, since turning professional, lots has been learned. The main focus is on building your own list, so the strategy I use is this

I don't manually surf any traffic exchanges. I used to, but even at 1 credit per click, found them to be time consuming, so now, I only use profit sharing sharing traffic exchanges. The reason for this is because, every part of your online business should produce a profit.

Profit sharing traffic exchanges do just that, plus they produce quality traffic, optins and conversions, compared to manual surf exchanges, which people soon get fed up clicking away, for what they perceive to be 'no success'

Doing this leaves me free to build my list,  focusing on the good quality safelist / viral mailers and solo ad providers

My strategy with these is to build up free credits, for a 'good' numbers mailing, track the ads and see what returns I get from them. Even if its just one optin, its proof that it works, so an upgrade is worthwhile : )

These returns are usually documented /evidenced ( I was a UK Policeman hence this word) through video uploaded onto my youtube channel then posted on my blog and that blog is sent to all my 'network' so they can then see what is working. It is very difficult to difficult to argue with video evidence, which is normally warts and all : )

This is a strategy which works well and does build my list up

Hope this helps

Applied knowledge is the difference

Anything can work as long as its an honest platform,that's why you should always be tracking your advertising.

That is the Key, the platform has to be an honest and transaparent one

I was staggered yesterday looking at my WP Ad tracker stats. over 3, 100 hits to my sites

Looking at the sources, one page performed wayyy better than the others, and in total there were about half a dozen good sources used, all of which are very transparent

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