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We've all had varying degrees of success at Worldprofit. So what works best for you? I've had a good bit of success from safelist auto submitters.

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I appreciate the concern which is been rose. The things need to be sorted out because it is about the individual but it can be with everyone. I like this particular article It gives me an additional input on the information around the world Thanks a lot and keep going with posting such information.


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I know your post is old but if you wouldn't mind sending some good advertising links, I just feel like I can't trust anyone that they are all just trying to sell me their exchange or mail list. I will appreciate any help cause I can't get one sale at WP

Mary-Ann Layton said:
Hi William! Very good question. So where do we spend most of our time? For me, it's the Traffic Exchanges. I spend many hours clicking during the week, and then let my ad campaigns rip near the weekends. The more credits you have, the better your results. So if you can upgrade at a popular TE, I say GO FOR IT.

To the TOP!


Hello William,

Well i have to say that several things have worked for me.Social Networking is good. Traffic exchanges are a little aggrivating to me for i don't have all day to click..LOL

But now i do all my social networking right from my Smart Media Desktop cause i get paid while i am social networking and browsing the web... I am getting paid right now to write this... by PPI ads that are on my desktop. they change every few seconds and i get paid:)

I ran into a Super Tool that is working really well for me. I actually give it away for FREE, and my free members advertise for me without even realizing they are. Plus i get paid while they are all using it... Go figure.. It is the easiest, and funnest way to promote your business. I earn from me using it and them. I can browse the web faster, i can add unlimited content to it any websites, blogs, social networks..businesses, videos.. i could add thousands if i wanted too..(because i just went ahead and paid to be a super rep to do this,, plus i can earn from 8 different streams of income this way.. PLUS PPC & PPI from ads on desktop paid from other members and businesses,, so everytime i use it i get paid,, everytime my free members use it i get paid also...  This is the most amazing educational fun tool, and all my free members love it and keep sharing it with others also...

There is a Tell-A-Friend feature that is on it, so when you start giving it away FREE your free members after they download it, they click on that tell a freind feature and put in their name and email address,, and then who they want to tell about the desktop by putting in their friends name and email address,, and the desktop then sends their friends a automatic letter telling them about the features on the desktop, and that they can download it FREE also...   NO STRINGS ATTACHED. This is amazing and i am so glad i found it... I have people from so many countries that have downloaded mine,, and it just keeps getting spread too. I love it. Easy and Fun and i earn,, how cool is that!


To find out more click here,, make sure you click on the opportunit...


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Social networking is king

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We have just launched phase 2 what we are calling better than facebook,these new features are designed to allow people to exchange ideas and teach folks,share information,and increase your business far more better than facebook or any other networking site with fewer restrictions.


Interact and post to our live feed by sharing messages,live photos,videos,websites,and other information with everyone in the community instantly.


In other social sites you are limited to who can see what you share,usually only your friends or contacts could see what your up to.


Now we have taken it a step further,now when you post and share,weather it's something personal or something for your business,it will be seen by every member.


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ShareCash recently upgraded their system and provides some awesome features for affiliates:

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I make short blog posts then I share them every where I can.

The less I write the better. Many marketers write way too much in their ads.

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All of the above by offering something everyone can use.


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