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We've all had varying degrees of success at Worldprofit. So what works best for you? I've had a good bit of success from safelist auto submitters.

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Hi William!

Very good question. So where do we spend most of our time? For me, it's the Traffic Exchanges. I spend many hours clicking during the week, and then let my ad campaigns rip near the weekends. The more credits you have, the better your results. So if you can upgrade at a popular TE, I say GO FOR IT.

To the TOP!

There is also Mammoth List for only $10 one-time payment only, you develop a downline of people who are willing to seek business opportunities AND they pay you $2 TO BE ADDED on your list builder. You can use this list to transfer the prospects into your Worldprofit "Prospect Management" and start sending newsletters left and right.

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Lets recap, $10 one time payment gives you an amassed stream of income for having them be added to your list (downline). You can't go wrong with that. You earn money and at the same time you develop prospects free!

Hi William, good question.

Worldprofit has tested a number of advertising sources with paid ads then monitored the results. The sites we have had the best results with are listed in the Worldprofit Dealer member area under Advertising/Traffic, then Paid Ads. Our Fast Track Visitors program is based on our placing paid ads at various high yield sites using Landing Pages. You can see both the sites we advertise at and the landing pages used by logging in to your Member area and clicking on Fast Track Visitors. If a dealer purchases Fast Track Visitors, we post real time data on signups for this program, also in the Member area.

Other than that, in the 50,000 Visitors report avalable in your Goody bag link in the Member area, we also posted a number of free sites you can use to promote your site. We find a combination of promotional efforts applied on a consistent basis works best, specifically Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, your Prospect Emailer, your newsletter, Paid solo or sponsor ads on various home biz target sites, landing pages, social networking sites, free submission sites, and search engines. Again you can find our suggestions in the free 50,000 visitors report and look also under the Advertising/Traffic section of the Worldprofit Dealer member area.

Good luck.
~Worldprofit Support Team
Well this is what I do seems to work well for me. If you have TAB browsing use that you can surf a few different exchanges at one time. I have been using different exchanges each day There are a couple I like alot more than others. This is like doing your own FAST Tracking if your on a Limited Income and now a days who isn't. You can set your allocations at 75% save up your credits to assign them when needed like a Webcast. Use Splash pages they load faster since alot of exchanges have short timers.

I also have several Blogs and I get responses from them thay are great because they are searchable on Google etc. this is my blog if you like to get idea I use it inthe traffic exchanges it great because you can update it daily and if you join a Blog group people follow you and they get email when you update it. I change it every couple of days to keep it fresh and it's a great Splashpage loads quick on exchanges.
One more thing I like is Twitter it's a great way to meet people.

the thing is your Branding your self and Your Website so try to be consistant and promote the name. Make sure you set up your Google analytics like George Kosch taught us in Millionaire Bootcamp and see where your visitors are coming from, that way you can see what traffic exchanges and email programs are working. Check your landing page stats to see which one is producing best.

I put PlatinumRevenues in everything I use so it stands out

. If you want to some Fun traffic exchanges to join or New Safelists to try give me a shout and let me know and I will send you some links.


not too good at tech thingies and HTML but this traffic exchange is having a great contest
I have great results from Auto Hits Programs. See my directory and recommendations at:
This works for me You Can go Free or pro Both work?

This a good question,I have very good luck with list joe,make sure you keep changing your ads to keep it fresh .Here are a couple of other safelists i use
here is agood banner coop i use with excellent results

My strategy is just pre-building a team first and then join a business. I had never had much success trying to build a team for my business. Now I have close to 300 members on my team. And it's all from free traffic using TBP tools. =)



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Hello William,

Well I've got to say hands down that Social Networking does it for me, and at the some the networks I even get paid for being social and adding content to the site.You can learn from others and earn at the same time, as well as promote your business.

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