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Are you tired of your friends treating you like a crackhead?
Are you tired of that old musky smell coming from you?
Would you like to be squeaky and clean and have
all your teeth straight again?

If so, you should hurry on over and get you a bottle of Vic's
brand new -renew me-.

-renew me- has no artificial flavors or coloring.

It's just filled with good old fashioned......

Good lord

Hey, got a question for you real quick.
How would you like for me, vic to share a method with you
that I created that literally will put a minimum of $100,000
into your pocket in 1 day?

Just kidding. I ain't gone share that with you... lol
Only 2 people know that one...

Anyways, I was just bored and wanted to email you
guys, my friends in Startup Space. I haven't spoken
to you guys in a while. I hope you are finally rich by
now. You guys sure have been at this a while. Good
for you.

Take care and don't be such a stranger. Vic still loves
you. lol

Take care. Yep! Nothing to sell here. Move along

Have a great Sunday...

Your Friend,


PS. Tell you what though... I made just a tad over $30,000
yesterday in 1 of my niches and I don't really need that money.

I wouldn't mind just giving it away... That actually sounds like
a good idea. Not sure if you guys know my friend across the
pond Michael Cheney, but I just offered all his guys a challenge
to win some of that money. You can go kick their butts if you
want and take it from them... Just go here if you want...

...and don't let that robot girl scare you when the page loads.
She's cool. She's my new digital assistant. Tell me if you
like her.

Take care guys and see you down the road sometime. I am
leaving the IM Niche for a while. We are going to build some
blogs and stuff... cya

OH, Here's the video if you want to watch it here...

Click Here-Let me in CRACKHEAD VIC

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