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Dear Friends,

Double Your Money Every 30 Days. No sponsoring required.


Register your MCS account here:

Open an AlertPay account Here:

If you choose to enter, after you have deposited, from minimum: $25 to maximum: $5,000 into your alertpay account, make sure you place them in the service program named MCS Gold from your MCS Account login.

Goals, dreams and other things.

In response to many questions that have been asked regarding how this can last very long, as doubling will become an impossible amount, etc. This is just a few notes to let you know we have taken all of this into consideration.

You will not be allowed to stay in the ATM forever. Our trading system calls for more "margin" (starting balance) than most of our friends can risk on their own. We came up with the ATM, to allow us to make the starting balance for you, so that essentially you are risking none of your own funds.

Once you have doubled until your payment is $1000, then we will ask you to deposit $500 into a micro account that you create at this url

We will set up our automated system to trade for you there, just like it trades for us, you will need to do nothing other than open the account and then contact us on how we can trade it for you.

You may put all or part of the $500 that is left back into ATM, if you choose to do so, but once you get a payment of $10,000 then we will ask you to log into your Micro account at fxopen, and create a standard account and deposit $5,000 into it.

You will no longer need ATM, you will be making the money in your own account. After that your earnings will come from your own account, that you control, you may withdraw from it as you need funds, or let it build. However you handle that is up to you, as long as you do not withdraw below the starting balance our system will earn you money for the rest of your life, and nobody has to worry about any intervention from banks, etc.

For those that want to spread the risk, we will have accounts at many brokers, and you can transfer funds to those brokers as your accounts build, and as long as you sign up under us at those brokers, our system will work there as well. We charge you no management fees, you will make what we make when we trade.

Best wishes,

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