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What are the best ways for the small home business operator to get traffic to their site?

Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists are two really powerful ways to get traffic for anyone with limited income for advertising. You can earn credits or you can pay for advertising, the cost is low, and the results good. The key is to have really effective copy and landing pages or you won't have much luck with any advertising you do.

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I think that social networking sites run by great companies like are one of the best ways to get started.
Newbies: Safe Lists and Traffic Exchanges are a good way to generate traffic to your site!

After testing the waters with FREE and Low Cost advertising, I vote for new home business operators
to sign up for Safe Lists and traffic exchanges because it will help reduce the learning curve by joining
and clicking for ads if your funds are low, or you need to find out what works best for your business.

I have had great response from one of the Safe Lists which I found through World Profit as an Associate:
Viral Url. The number of people responding to a particular ad was impressive to me as I was starting a new
ad campaign for one of my programs.

Viral Url also offers a way to "cloak" your affiliate link so that your ID is not showing in your ad.

Cynthia McKelvy
I have loads of proven methods to get loads of traffic to your website.
Send me your request with "I need your traffic info" in the subject line to:
I'll send you this information absolutely free of charge

There is also Mammoth List for only $10 one-time payment only, you develop a downline of people who are willing to seek business opportunities AND they pay you $2 TO BE ADDED on your list builder. You can use this list to transfer the prospects into your Worldprofit "Prospect Management" and start sending newsletters left and right.

Please Click and Check This Site Out: Mammoth List

Lets recap, $10 one time payment gives you an amassed stream of income for having them be added to your list (downline). You can't go wrong with that. You earn money and at the same time you develop prospects free!

This is Dana Rankin and thank you for being on my friend list! I enjoy social networking and have made some good friends and business contacts here. I would like to share with you a few sites that I think you would like.

The first site is to build your list for free:

The second site is to receive a free download of over 500 social networking sites!
I love this mega book! It has alot of pertinent information on different sites descriptions of each one!

For free traffic to your site:

At Home Professionals
Here you can sign up and post about your biz opp and get some ad placement ideas.

New Group to advertise in:

Cash Crate

Direct Matches

Free Ad Here:

I got a check from here for reading my e-mail. I saw it on Good Morning America.

Free AVON with first order and 10% off!

I am planning some more posts later with some things I find on the 'net that work. I hope these help you build your businesses!

Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Blessed and Prosperous New Year! :0)

Dana Rankin
Recently, I have found several interesting ways to generate traffic to
my websites. One way that I continue to do, is of course, the Traffic Exchanges.

What I did not know as a Newbie, was that I should not advertise to my "home page"
by sending traffic to a page filled with many, many items for sell. What I did not hear
or understand at the beginning, was that I should really and truly ONLY advertise
"squeeze pages" or "landing pages"!

I spent a lot of time "surfing the traffic" so I could exchange, for advertising my websites
without paying for the advertisements. It is a good rate of exchange if you don't have a budget
to invest in ads right away. I recommend "clicking" not for cash necessarily, but clicking to
then use the "credits" so you can advertise to other people basically without a financial outlay.

You can join most of the exchanges and safe lists for free. However, you WILL be offered the
opportunity to upgrade your membership to get premium service. It is better to start where you are
and not get caught, like many of us have, buying everything without some guidance or mentoring.

When I found out about Worldprofit, a year ago, I was searching all over the Internet. My determination
was to make money online, "one way or the other!" Problem was, that I did not want to focus on learning
first, and so I flounder for a few months before I even started going into the Live Business Center regularly.
I dabbled and added a lot of thing to my website, looked in from the outside, and did not have a clue what
was going on.

It was not until I drew a line in the sand, and said, "Those Internet Guru's, can't be that much smarter than
I am!" Then, after investing in a lot of products I was not ready for, THEN, I settled down and started the officially
training in the "Millionaire Bootcamp"...I did not realize back then, that George Kosch would train me to make money online IF I JUST FOLLOWED THE STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS IN THE BOOTCAMP!

One of the first things he instructs us about is the 20 streams of income. You don't have to join all of them at once, but
when you start signing up for Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists, you will begin to understand more about the Internet than
you knew at first. Perhaps, you are a Newbie and you did not figure out what to do when you came into the Worldprofit Community. Maybe it looked too complicated and you suffered from "information overload" as I did.

The disease of info overload could be fatal to your Internet business, however it need not be. Simply, start where you are, and take one bite out of the elephant at a time. If you stick around, you will learn what you need to know. There is an old
saying that goes something like this: "When the student is ready, the teach will appear!" And that is what happened for me. When I met Dr. Jeffery Lant, I was taken aback, mostly because on a high energy day, our personalities are somewhat similar! "Just the facts, mam." You know like on the television programs: CSI, Law and Order, Numbers, etc.
Just tell me straight out and shoot straight from the hip, kind of person. Everybody will not learn in that environment, but
those who will, prosper. And I am in line for that.

Dr. Lant teaches more about marketing, sales, closing deals, communication, and other skills that you may have been told that you don't need. However, in this marketplace, you will need some skills, tools, mentoring, training and the all
famous, DOMAIN NAME.

As Dr. Lant explains it, "If you don't own a domain name, you will be disappointed! You have to have your own real estate on the net. Otherwise, if you are using a replicated website from a company you represent...what happens to your business if they go out of business??????? So driving traffic to your squeeze page or landing page just went up in value!

So if Company "XYZ" stops selling coffee, for example (as in my case), if your website is all about say, African Coffee, its origins, recipes, and other products, your prospects will still find your site even if you get the coffee from another vendor. Trust me, I have been there and done all of that! BUT NOW, I KNOW!

My excitement about learning to profit on the Internet often gives me so much energy, I don't sleep. I am learning, and testing, and sending traffic in the right direction now. And thanks to the many mentors who share knowledge and information with me, I am now in a position to share with others.

Cynthia McKelvy, CEC
Worldprofit Senior Monitor

Follow Me on TWITTER: 7streams2wealth

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