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I've got a TINY bit of money to spend on PPC's but the keywords I come up with are outrageously expensive.

Do any of you have a suggestion or two?

I've been sending out tons of newsletters from purchased...about 900, surfing like mad, sending to safelists, but can't seem to get into profit. This appears to me to be the next step.

Thanks for your help,

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Hi Dale
Yes, PPC can be very pricey. Have you considered any of the solo ads or paid ads with the low cost advertising options posted in the Member area. Look on the left hand menu of your Worldprofit Member area under Traffic/Advertising and you will see the options. We have advertised at those listed and incorporate some of them into the Fast Track Visitors program we offer. You can see exactly where we advertise to get those leads by looking under the same section then clicking on the Fast Track Visitors link. Hope this helps and good to see you making an effort. Traffic building is a task that requires a consistent approach from a variety of sources especially targetted sources your money is well spent.

Sandi Hunter
Worldprofit Corporate Offices
Hello Ephran.

The answers to your questions are both YES and YES. Thanks for the triple your list link.
business focus good luck i got my fingers burnt doing PPC with google a few years ago
Thank you all for your helpful advise! I recently purchased a tracking program so I can better determine where good places are to advertise. It's taking a bit of time learning and setting up, but I know this will be a valuable tool. This tracks everything...all links on your pages, sales, I can see right away where hits are coming from. For those of you who do track and split test, I don't need to tell you the advantages. For those who don't, well you should!

here's the link if you need one:

Again, Thanks and Merry Christmas as well as a VERY Prosperous New Year,

Dale Lovett (mrsmaxxx)
PPC can be very expensive and unfruitful, especially if you have no good tools and no experience at it. I would suggest getting a good tool for keyword research. Even if you don't use it to do ppc, it will help you optimize your pages and backlinks with the best anchor text for better search engine results.
I use this one

I personally have never been very successful at PPC and managed to spend too much money on nothing. Others, I am sure, have had good results.
Unfortunataley "free" is a popular keyword, as these days people think they pay the internet everything on it is free, or they feel the websites they use are free to sign up but cost later on to upgrade. or to continue after the 1st email confirmations. "Money" i would think is another popular one.

These keyword research tools i never used and probably will never use, if they cost so much money to use

Good luck with the keyword project let us know how did you go
This should help you very much:
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1 Clever Trick = $6900/mo Easy..
i found a site that is really profitable, that's why i'd like to share it with you, you dont have to sell products, the only thing you have to do is referrer people, i have seen payment proofs of $1200 USD, the system is called global domain international:) you can check it here, you need to fill the form and the click in let me in, watch the presentation and learn how does it work, the best thing is that you can work from home;-)

here is a link to a youtube video that shows you PAYMENT PROOFS in the end of the video

Hi Dale,

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Take a look at contentmangment under seo pack   all the keywords ya want

Hmmm,It's really hard to say.inexpensive keywords? If it's a  key word ,it should be important.

Like zinc sulfate in

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