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This thread will be of interest if you are a fan of Traffic Exchanges(TEs) as I am

You will be aware that there are an absolute ton of TE's online, 19million or so I believe and I for one was a big big fan of them, when I first started out online, way back in 2000. Traffic Swarm was my first one and I got a lot of referrals for GDI ( I started with that) back then

However as the years have passed and I now have my own business education consultancy, this teaches the importance of making sure that as much of your business needs to be profitable, starting with the traffic aspect of it, without traffic as you know, your business is in fact pretty much dead

Traffic exchanges form a vital part of your traffic generation strategy

Like I said I was a firm believer in them, until watching a video on the importance of the 'free' traffic method and how in reality there is no such thing as 'free' traffic. It has a cost, which is your 'time'

With that in mind, I started re evlauating the exchanges I was using and stopped using a vast majority of the maual surf ones in favour of revenue or profit share traffic exchanges. 

Now admittedly, there are mixed views on these, especially with so many of them popping up, however the ones I focus on are the established ones, that have been around for well over 4 years or so. They work

I use in total 4 very good ones, all of which cover every aspect of online advertising you would, from text ad to display and more besides, including social media exposure

These have all been tested out, using the WP adtracker and the results are excellent

In total there is no more than 10 minutes work require across all 4 of these TEs

The quality of the traffic is exceptional

Click Through Rates are on average 10%

Sign ups and conversions happen on a regular basis

They save time & they pay you for using them.In all cases, at least twice every 30 minutes, in one case 3 times every hour

So if you are currently frustrated with your success with and in TEs, then these alternative models are well worth looking at

Posted to help others, because applied education is the difference

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which exchanges you use David

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