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       This is Rebecca from Arkansas. I am really new about putting things on forums and blogs.

Arkansas is considered The Natural State and Also The Land of Opportunity.

       So When A Killer(I think) Business Opportunity from A Real Company literally fell into my hands-I am taking it and Hopely Running to the Top! This is a Very New Wave of Advertising 4 all businesses and  companies. Hardly no one is doing this in the Local Markets!

       Right now I have The Whole State of Arkansas If I want to market This Free Income Maker for Customers But I know this will Change Soon. Some of the Members of Turbo Tycoon have signed up  Some Big Name National Known Companies who will be Advertising soon 4 The Holidays!

      U see This Company's Service is providing Free permission base Biz Ad Text messages to consumers who want to receive them. The consumer gets paid 4 reading these money saving or coupon biz text messages. They win 2 ways: They earn money each time and if the deal is right 4 them then they save money too.

     The companies win because they know the consumer has read their money saving deals or alerts! Almost everyone will read their text message as soon as they receive them. Remember folks, There R almost 5 times more users who have mobile cellphones than there is internet users! That is Billions- This market has been barely touched. Why not get into The Beginnings of A Huge Wave Before It Starts?


     Turbo Tycoon pays U 5 differnt ways and It Is Free 2 Earn.


U can market on the Internet like this or Do What I am going 2 Do:

I am going to go to my Local Businesses: Restaurants-Small companies-Churches-Stores.

Churches can use this service to Alert their Congregation(members) to Any important Cause that is coming up soon. Or if There is an emergency fund raising event that needs attention right now.

Instantly lets their mebers know by text messaging the information. The Church will instantly get responses back ! Unlike sitting there calling people, emailing to their pc or sending out letters. This old way takes time and U don't know if the message gets read until days or weeks later(By then this might be too late to help)!


 Small businesses like Nite Clubs(Let members know when  special guest is in town for last minute perfomance.) Convenience stores can alert their consumers to A Rise in Gas Prices - So the customer can go ahead and fill up their tanks at the cheaper price.


There is so many ways that this will Benefits Customers and Businesses.

Free Income-More Traffic 4 Businesses-Saving Deals & Coupons!


U also earn if you have your friends, contacts, and family join using your referral. Everything they read a saving biz text message or alert-U Earn Income!


This is A Free Killer Wave that will be Easy to Earn Money!


Thanks for taking the time to read! If you do join this Real Business opportunity from this Real company-Please make sure U verify your cellphone & zipcode numbers. This is how you will  find your local deals and coupons when they appear in your area. You clink on Find Deals at the top of the Page and Pick out any of your favorites to follow. When they send out their money saving text messages-U will receive one and get paid!


Rebecca from Arkansas

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