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So, this review is at the top of google search 1st page.  I simply HAD to correct him... You should go leave some comments as well.  His review literally says that they came to the conclusion based solely on googling complaints from the lazy get rich quick seekers that didn't apply themselves to the training and traffic system.  Go have fun!  

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Hi Gerry,  it's curious that we have never had a customer by the name of that reviewer, and he is capitalizing  on our key words from the solid reputation we have earned over many years, to steal search engine traffic and  generate ad views.  People are smart these days and can think for themselves to recognize when someone like that person posts fake reviews / news for their own personal gain.    

Fortunately,  we have thousands of positive reviews from actual customers who can vouch for the integrity of Worldprofit's system that we've developed over the last 23 years.  We prefer to focus on continuing to help our Members to grow their own successful online business and do what we love to do - provide training, support and specialized software to support that effort.  

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