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Most PROFITABLE Business Opportunity 
You Have EVER Seen!

I absolutely guarantee it!

But...Before I tell you anything about this 
I want you to do me a favor...

Alright...Now, let me ask you a question...

While you were out and about yesterday, today or anytime in the last week, 
did you happen to see any cars parked?

How many would you say you saw? 
HUNDREDS I'm sure right? allow me to share a "SECRET" fact with you 
that hardly ANYONE KNOWS...

The Data Collection industry last year alone did over 
$14 BILLION in revenue!

Staggering isn't it? Did you know that companies, government agencies, banks and other organizations will pay BIG BUCKS to know the location of automobiles on a daily basis?

YES! It's TRUE and THIS is the MAIN REASON you have been invited on this website...

We have found a COMPANY that is willing to PAY YOU to go out and collect this valuable data, working just 10-15 minutes a month and doing it without ANY OUT OF POCKET COSTS WHAT SO EVER! (Unless you choose to upgrade, which we'll cover later on in the tour...)

So stay with me here...

What if you could GET PAID to simply write down and record the license plate numbers of just 20 of the cars you see in a month? AND what if you can GET PAID EVEN MORE by helping this company find just 10 OTHER PEOPLE that would be willing to do the same?

Would that interest you and those you know?

ABSOLUTELY! This company is breaking RECORDS in the direct/referral marketing industry and YOU have the opportunity to be part of history in the making!

I have a lot more VALUABLE information to share with you on the following pages...
so let's get going!

The Product Is Data
You Collect It - We Sell It

The data collection business did over $14 Billion in revenue last year while you where asleep !!!! 

Did you know that a 12 point list on an individual is worth up to $35? 

Did you know that a 7 point list on a business is worth up to $10? 

The Direct Marketing Association--the trade group that represents the companies that market their products using offers delivered via mail, telephone, magazines, the Internet, radio, or TV--says companies spent $191 billion last year on direct-response advertising, the category that includes direct mail and telephone solicitations, and those efforts produced $1.7 trillion in revenue. 

The bottom line: The right information will pay for itself. "A good mailing list can produce a couple of millions of dollars in sales all by itself," says Jim Workman, CEO of BFW Advertising Inc., a Boca Raton, Fla., ad agency that builds and refines list databases for clients. A highly targeted list that produces sales "is a corporate asset that's worth its w***** in gold." 

Automobile and truck tags are just the tip of the iceberg and are only Phase I of the Data Network Affiliates simple plan of action... Phase II & Phase III will be even more profitable and just as simple to obtain... 

What is so important about a car tag? 

This data is valuable in many ways.
  • It can be used to help with Amber Alerts and to find Missing Children. Statistically, most children are abducted by a parent and with the data and resources we will create, we should be able to help with some of these cases.
  • It can be used by Law Enforcement Agencies. Stolen cars can be located and returned to their owners. Police detectives can also use this to help locate known criminals and take them off our streets.
  • Banks, Car Dealers, Car Rental Agencies all have to deal with getting back vehicles that are not being paid for. Unfortunately, there are millions of these cars and many millions of dollars are spent doing this. These organizations will pay us if our database helps them. This is already happening and proven.
  • We can also help to find Missing Persons. Often there are rewards offered to help find a missing person and we can be part of the solution.
As an independent affiliate with D.N.A. you are helping to build databases. With most Network Marketing Companies, reps are selling a product for the company, with D.N.A., we are Building the Product for the company and ourselves. 

How realistic is it to think that this works?

In December of 2009 DARPA, the research and development office for the US Department of Defense, conducted research into this very concept of using CrowdSourcing to find items that were randomly located across the country. The most interesting part of the research was not the fact that it was more successful than they had hoped for, (10 balloons placed randomly across the country were found by one team in under 9 hours) but that the technique used by the winning team (led by a professor from MIT) was similar to what is used in Network Marketing!

D.N.A. Compensation Plan Update - Full Details 

PHASE ONE - The Uni-Level - With 100% FREE SIGN UP 

Fact: all income generated is from the collection of Data Collected.
Fact: there is not one dime paid for the act of sponsoring.
Fact: even the D.N.A. Business Package with Data Entry Software is 100% non-commission-able

#1. D.N.A. will pay you $2 for each month you turn in data for 20 or more tags.
#2. D.N.A. pays $2 for each affiliate within your 6 levels of affiliates that turn in data for 20 or more tags within their 1st 30 days of signing up. Anyone who has joined D.N.A. during the pre-launch, their 30 days will start on the day that we start accepting data which is estimated as early as 02/16/2010 and as late as 03/01/2010. D.N.A. has invested a lot of money and over a year of time to create a foundation that will be here for a long time to come. If it takes another week or two to make it a perfect launch we plan on doing so.

Using the 2 above incomes a person can earn unlimited amount of income.
You can do the numbers, use whatever multiplication you wish to use.
Use the power of 10 as the leadership is... use 5 use 20 use 100.
Any way you add it up - it comes out to a lot of income.
If you are looking for $1,000 to $2,000 a month you are in the right place.
If you are looking for the BIG DOLLARS you are in the right place.

NOTICE ALL OF THE ABOVE INCOME can be earned without a single purchase or sale of any kind just,

This should put an end to all the naysayers that say that it is impossible for you to earn anything by signing up for free and building a team of 6 levels of free sign ups. Because if all they do is turn in Data Collected as stated above you will be paid as described as long as you do your 20 tags also.

Affiliate Question: If I personally sponsor 10 affiliates and they personally sponsor 10 affiliates and this is duplicated for 6 levels and not one person buys the package but each person including myself turns in their 20 tags as stated above. Can you tell me how much I will be paid on each level and how I will be paid?

D.N.A. Answer: First let us say again we do not pay for the act of sponsoring or building a team of people sponsoring. We pay for Data Collection as stated above. To give you the mathematical answer to your above question would be as follows:

you = $2
you + 10 1st level x 20 tags = 200 tags pays you $20
you + 100 2nd level x 20 tags = 2000 tags pays you $200
you + 1000 3rd level x 20 tags = 20000 tags pays you $2,000
you + 10000 4th level x 20 tags = 200000 tags pays you $20,000
you + 100000 5th level x 20 tags = 2,000,000 tags pays you $200,000
you + 1000000 6th level x 20 tags = 20,000,000 tags pays you $2,000,000

D.N.A. does not imply nor do we condone telling people they will earn such kind of money with D.N.A. At D.N.A. we believe if the average person could earn an extra $500 to an extra $2,000 a month it is life changing money in this crazy down economy we have going on in the world today, But the numbers are the numbers and you can figure it all out. Just do the simple math.

D.N.A. will pay affiliates on the 20th of the following month in which commissions are earned and posted for all DATA COLLECTION.


D.N.A. will pay affiliates more when they use The D.N.A. Data Input Software Module to upload all Data Collected and when they personally sponsor others who use The D.N.A. Data Input Software Module to upload all their Data Collected. The following bonuses are paid as a reward for helping D.N.A. save money.

The Uni-Level - Using The D.N.A. Data Input Software Module.

When you are using The Data Input Software Module to enter your 20 Tags Monthly:
  1. D.N.A. pays weekly instead of monthly when you use the Data Input Software Module to enter your 20 tags.
  2. D.N.A. pays you $25 instead of $2 for your initial personal 20 data tag inputs within your 1st 30 days when you use the Data Input Software Module.
  3. D.N.A. pays you $27 instead of $2 for each of your personal 1st level affiliates who use the Data Input Software Module system to summit their initial 20 data inputs within their 1st 30 days.
  4. D.N.A. pays a 1% Data Input Tag Pool Bonus. When you use the Data Input Software Module you may input as many tags as you wish to try to earn a part of the 1% pool. This is 1% of the gross sales monthly to be divided in $1,000 awards to go to the people who inputted the most plates in a calender month.
  5. D.N.A. pays a 100% Matching Bonus. When you have personally sponsored 10 affiliates who all use the Data Input Software Module to enter 20 tags each within a calender month.
  6. D.N.A. pays your $29.97 D.N.A. Business Package Monthly Fee for any affiliate who has personally sponsored 10 affiliates who enter 20 tags each using the Data Input Software Module for such calender month.
"PHASE TWO" The D.N.A. Data Input Software Module BINARY

The D.N.A. Binary - Selling/Purchasing other Products & Services
ONLY AVAILABLE TO: Affiliates Who Enter Data Using The Data Input Software Module.

D.N.A. will make many products and services available for purchase and resale.
These will be at prices way below what is sold in stores or on the internet.

The D.N.A. 1/3 - 2/3 Binary With Maximum $50,000 Weekly


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