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sversion of those hands down on the mat if you want to make it a bit harder bring us hands up across your chest imbalance on that album they're almost done and that's the last one rate they’re going to let a relaxed and backup we've got another round of jumping jacks and start-up Miller nice quick motion make sure everything stays under control trying  Goji Vita to push that hard up a really nice and hot got five seconds left to go on and lettering nice and quick to add another 14repetitions of Anita crunches nice tight squeeze pulling those knees in tears s role in their shoulders down towards those hips that extend those legs out completely straight flat net back in lean back as far as you can counter balancing those legs to skip that motion going nice tight squeeze every single time you come up to the center stew more repetitions her ox I could stand back up our next cardio exercises and your lateral jump with a knee another 30 seconds go ahead .


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