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This ebook will make you a SMARTER, MORE SUCCESSFUL Internet Marketer - Period. Get it here:

There is no hype in this message.

Just the facts.


Until Monday morning our team is placing Ambassador

founding members and giving them 2 referrals. Our

team in 8kaweek is the only ones doing this.


8kaweek launches Monday and we expect serious success

with major upline marketers releasing this to their lists..


It is very possible to make 8kaweek or more if you are on

our team and a member before Monday 2-1.


This business is one of a kind. No one has ever condensed

a monthly program into a weekly pay plan with this format.

We are expecting huge success for our core members. We are

the first to have a team site for 8kaweek.


I recommend listening to the recorded call on the site.


One last thing, the entry fee has been lowered to $20

(by Alertpay) until launch on Monday. It then reverts back

to $32.50.


The founder of 8kaweek has placed more than half a Billion

dollars into the pockets of the members that are in his

businesses. I guess we are the new beneficiaries thereof.



”David [Rosen] has…now decided to extend the offer until midnight on Wednesday
because of our unexpected delay in completing the site by today.

…..delays are not bad news, they simply mean that the team is in overdrive
making sure you have exactly what you have come to count on from David and
a perfect business to secure your future.”


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