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what happens to create that shorten which we call contraction extensibility has the ability to be stretched to once a contracts the muscle can also I'll go back to its normal setting in even can be stretched beyond it's the fall blank and a lot of the muscle contractions that we ohm have when where say climbing stairs we're actually stretching the muscle at the same time it's working in allowing off to our cap muscles to allow us to climb stairs the elasticity also allows the muscle to go back to its default setting pre contraction GMAX link after the signal to contract ends place now ohm when the signal comes down to contract a lot of times most of the time the muscle shortens now when the signal stops we need to get our muscle back to its normal length and the elasticity partners certain we'll see when we look at the structure the anatomy of muscle cell that there are elastic fibers that will then week a la from Rico oil allow for that contract in muscle to go back to its non contract in like so those are the special characteristics excitability contractile extensibility and elasticity muscle functions.

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