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I was an Officer in the US Navy for a while and I have studied leadership most of my life. I have found one key to getting people to FOLLOW YOU.

My Father ( A Colonel in the US ARMY ) said that while he was studying at the War College, they studied Pickett's charge during the battle of Gettysburg. He said they studied “How do you get men to go into battle against suicidal odds”. I studied and loved the movie “Gettysburg”. I also studied the battle from many sources. There are two great scenes in the movie which I think sum it all up.

The First is when General Joshua Chamberlain tells his Union Men that they are “ Fighting to set men free”

The Second is when General Lewis Armistead tells his men before they make Pickett's charge
“ for your wives, and girlfriends, for your sons and daughters, for Old Virginia”

We are not fighting a war here, but what will make people get up in the morning and make that call? What will make people keep going even when the money is slow in coming in? Riches and the thought of that new car will get people excited but it will not keep them in the battle when the shells start flying. If you want to be a leader and keep your people motivated you must find the passion that keeps them going. The passion that will have them think of others before themselves. Yes, people will join your company or group based on the excitement you can generate, but if they do not have a higher purpose then they will soon be gone. Find your higher purpose and have your people find theirs and when you reach your goal your people will still be there. Nothing worse then to make a charge and look around and see that no one followed you.

One last point:

No hero ever achieved the “Medal of Honor” because they wanted the medal. It was their desire to help others that drove them to achieve a success “above and beyond the call of duty.”

Our rewards come from helping others achieve their success, and then passing it on, not using others for our own gain. That is what makes MLM the greatest job in the world. We have the ability to “Pass it on.” So what are you passing on?

Are you a leader or a just an excitement builder?

With Gratitude,

Paul Blann

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