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Is there a way to check the legality of a company?

Here in the U.S. we can check with the Chamber of Commerce, The Better Business Bureau, Dun and Brad Street, and each states Secretary of State.

But what about overseas companies, is there a way to check them out similar to the way we check out the U.S. companies.

I am wanting to find an overseas company to work with, but I don't want to deal with one that is simply going to take

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Hi James
I suggest you do a Google search for the company and see what returns you get taking into consideration that you may get non-relevant or false information returned with some helpful info as well. If the company you are investigating has customer references those can be helpful especially if you can actually contact them directly. Also review the website for legitimacy clues like having an actual working phone number, and address that can be confirmed on Google Maps etc. In short you will need to do a little detective work. If you call the company directly and can speak with someone in person that is always a good sign too. Hope this helps.

Sandi Hunter,

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